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Whatsapp, the function of messaging with yourself arrives in the latest update: here’s how it works


No more groups containing only your number and notes on notebooks. A new feature is starting to spread around the world The WhatsApp: The The ability to message yourself. It was expected a few weeks ago by some tests on beta versions (non-final version of the software), and now it has appeared in the Iphone app version 22.23.74 In contrast to Android So it is a function that is already active on some devices and that should expand worldwide in the coming days. The news circulated when some users started reporting the introduction of the new feature on their mobile phones. The choice is Lots of demand for a long timein addition to being present in other competing applications, such as cable This allows you to have a conversation to save messages that only you can see.

“Privacy? I will be protected »

according to mentioned By users, the message function is allowed to themselves by entering the contact «You areIt is placed at the beginning of your address book. Whatsapp has already specified that personal chat is also available It will be protected by end-to-end encryption, that is, the encrypted connection that protects the privacy of users. So far, there have been many tricks that users use to have a conversation of this kind. The most used is to create a group with a friend, then remove it and thus free and quickly space in place of applications that allow you to take notes.

webatinfo / What does the new feature look like on Whatsapp, November 2022

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