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What the new government has to offer regarding swine flu

What the new government has to offer regarding swine flu

New law on swine flu and virus prevention. This arrangement was initiated during a meeting in the province of Rome.

Extraordinary Commissioner for Emergencies ‘Swine flu’, Angelo Ferrari has signed into law a new law that will introduce new rules to control the spread of the virus among pigs. The event was launched during a meeting in the province of Rome and was attended by Prefect Matteo Piantosi, Deputy Secretary of Health Andrea Costa, Lacio Region President Nicola Zingaretti and Rome Environment Councilor Sabrina Alphonse. .

Rome ‘Red Zone’

All the districts located in the Grande Rocardo Anulare of Rome are part of a larger district Red zone, Which also includes some areas north of the Crow. To date, 8 dogs have been found within the city, Ferrari recalled, “keeping them in that area, closing all gates, preventing infected animals from going outside and encountering outdoor wild boars.

Plan to exterminate wild boars in a month

The second step, as defined by law, is the establishment of a control room coordinated by the Roman government, which must define the plan, which includes all methods of selecting and killing wild boar within 30 days. Undersecretary Costa explained that these would take place “a select hunt with licensed hunters already operating in our national area”. In Piedmont, 500 animals have already been exterminated. “I believe the central aim is to significantly reduce the presence of wild boar, because it is five or six times higher than it should be in our country. The number is very high, there are only estimates. We are facing an emergency. Within an emergency.”

It takes at least a year to eradicate the virus

According to Commissioner Ferrari, “We have to be patient to understand how the disease develops. We expect self – destruction and eradication to take one year from the last positive corpse. The main goal is to control the disease and eradicate it. We want to avoid. ”The long phase of the month opens, which is marked by different phases. A control phase is underway and we will have to wait and see what happens as this is a health problem. The integration effort has begun: the phase is complex, but accessible, “said Nicola Zingaretti, head of the Lazio Region.

Barriers to citizenship are not yet known

It is not clear whether there are restrictions and restrictions on citizens in this emergency law. The command of the Lazio region is limited in relation to the previous and regional extension of use, for example picnics were banned in parks that were part of the Red Zone.

What is African swine flu

African swine flu is a disease born in Africa that is harmless to humans but very dangerous to pigs. “The virus is highly contagious and dangerous to 90 percent of pigs and wild boar. , Loretta Tuosto explained to Fanpage.itCharles Darwin, Associate Professor of Immunology, Department of Biology and Biotechnology, University of Rome La Sabinza