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In the next few hours, there will be thundershowers in at least 4 regions, not just in the heat; Related Areas »

Weather: In the next few hours, there will be thundershowers in at least 4 regions, not just hot; Related areas

Still high pressure and very hot in Italy, but beware of thunderstorms in the afternoon

Expected time for the next few hoursDominance ofHigh pressure However, it did not lead alone in Italy Heat Good weather but with thundershowers at least 4 places during the day.

In general, the Barrick system will be the same as it has been for the past 24 hours, reaching the Scandinavian Peninsula to the north with a vast high pressure field of African descent. The warming effects of anticyclone will continue to be well appreciated in our country where they are located Temperature Has now reached the July normal values.
But this intense off-season heat, especially in the afternoon, produces sudden thunderstorms, which have found their favorite spot in the northern mountains for the past few days. The next hour On the other hand, they mainly affect those in the south and those in the center.

After an early morning area where everyone is firm and sunny, we will see the clouds gradually increase in most of the reliefs from north to south in the early morning.
Give it to her Early morning Rather, here they begin to explode Many thundershowers, Sometimes even strong intensity, which is the main focus The ridge of the Appen To the reliefs of Abruzzo, Molise Basilicotta and Calabria. It is also likely to rain in the Buglia Mountains and the Toronto area.
Also, as often happens, events from the mountains can invade nearby plains locally.

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The weather in other parts of Italy will be mild, with some clouds at high altitudes, but above all very hot. Temperature Now the season is higher than average. In fact, peaks beyond 30 C In many parts of the Po Valley and inland.

We arrive at the end of the day when the atmosphere returns calm everywhere with the action of the storm at a clear point, which is the prelude to a night when the whole country can certainly sleep peacefully.