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Balocco case, Chiara Ferragni fraud investigation – News

Balocco case, Chiara Ferragni fraud investigation – News

Chiara Ferragni is on trial for aggravated fraud as part of an investigation by the Milan prosecutor's office centered on the 'Pink Christmas' Pandora produced by Piedmontese company Balocco. The record was closed by Deputy Prosecutor Eugenio Fusco. Alessandra Balocco is also on trial for aggravated fraud.

The Milan financial police obtained the documents from the headquarters of the Milanese company. Investigators from Milan's Gdf have filed a first note with deputy prosecutor Eugenio Fusco, which will be followed by a series of attachments. Information related to the Bandoro case, a case in which the businessman and the company Cuneo, the manufacturer of the Christmas dessert “Pink Christmas”, were already given the maximum fine for false advertising related to charity.

In these hours, the Milanese investigators have to evaluate the new perspective provided by the note of the financial police, in particular, some emails already received by the Competition Authority, which were exchanged to plan the Pandora advertising campaign.

Meanwhile, in recent days, after the Codacons reports, some prosecutor's offices that opened similar files without any hypothesis about the crime or the suspects announced that they would contact Milanese prosecutors and send the documents to the Lombardy capital. Among other things, the Milanese investigation will analyze similar cases where the influencer proposed the sale of a current product with the Ferragni brand, after the episode of Balocco Bandoro, the episode of Easter eggs produced by Dolci Preziosi. unity objectives. Among these should be related to the Trudy doll discussed in recent days.

Ciara Ferragni: 'I'm calm, I have full faith in the judiciary'

“I am calm because I have always acted in good faith and I am sure that this will emerge from the ongoing investigations. I have full faith in the judicial process and I immediately prepared myself with my lawyers to cooperate and clarify every detail. About what happened in the shortest possible time. However, I am deeply disturbed by the exploitation of some media outlets by spreading news that is not objectively true”. Chiara Ferragni commented on the Milan prosecutor's office's entry into the register of suspects. His lawyers are Marcello Bana and Giuseppe Iannacce.

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