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Postcard from New York / Many (when) poverty hits the American dream


New York – Seagulls woke me up this morning. I often forget that New York is a seaside city. Nevertheless, it has this bright light, and when the sun shines, the glass buildings turn into mirrors and reflect each other, just as the city itself makes its citizens dream and live in reality.

I have been living in New York for eight months. Everything about the city seems to have already been written, and even those who have not been there yet have familiar pictures of it in mind. வானலைCentral taxi or yellow taxis in the snow can be simply stopped by raising your hand. New York It and so on. Skyscrapers that lift our heads towards the sky that seems to want to reach the perennial gravitational force, the square streets that dictate the rhythm, the endless paths that appear and the disappearing points mesmerize those who seek it. New York, between chic regions and super trendy environments, has a style where good taste and bad taste touch each other with good nature. In a popular city where stores always open and close, it is necessary to compete boldly and innovatively to create a trend that is accepted by all.

Residents play the game by embracing the energy that transports the city, and the diversity it claims. They live as they please, showing what they want from them, without fear of judgment. The feeling of being able to express one’s identity without restrictions is powerful and inspiring. Religious identities are displayed, sexual orientation is expressed, communities are interfering, always not respecting each other, perhaps not looking at each other.

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“New York Go Easy On Me” is a Sainsmokers song. New York takes your body and soul in its energyAmerican dream For everyone who still wants to believe it. In this city inhabited by millions of millionaires, the Metropolitan Museum Galata, with its glitter and good intentions, shines in the eyes of the world every year, turning its head away from the light and looking down the street. In the tunnelFurther Social disgrace And psychological distress. Those who find it hard to simulate being “big again” are always beating higher, higher, faster, the heart of the city. The American dream does not identify itself with weakness or tragedy or failure. This is ugly. Poverty is an insult to dignity. Even a country that feels free in the world is prevented from dreaming of the future and living freely.


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