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Serignola, bad weather May 8, 2022: Flooded city

Serignola, bad weather May 8, 2022: Flooded city

Tomorrow morning Cerignola will ask for recognition of the natural disaster situation. Mayor Francesco Bonito was expecting this following the massive damage caused to private citizens, public works and private homes by the violent rains this afternoon. All educational activities will be suspended for espionage in school buildings throughout the day on Monday, May 9th.

The severe storm that hit the city of Cericanola this afternoon caused great inconvenience to traffic, and above all flooding and damage. The car broke down on the city streets and water reached the windows. “It’s not raining in our town. “ Mayor Francesco Bonito said. According to the Civil Defense, 126 mm of rain fell. In 1952, 123 mm of rain fell in 24 hours.

The first citizen reports that there has been no flooding at present, with many flooding in public and private buildings. “The situation in most cities has returned to normal, thanks to the extraordinary maintenance of white sewers carried out in recent months. I personally monitor the situation in all neighborhoods and I will update you,” the mayor concludes.

Areas without electricity and power substations are flooded. Major reviews were recorded in the Mercadante area, via Trinidapoli, via Monte Bianco. Enel is taking steps to install three generators to resolve power outages, including the Corso Alto Moro.

The lawn of the Monterrey Ground was damaged by heavy rain. The dressing rooms were completely flooded. Someone joked on Facebook: “Serignola Beach”. “I went to see him in Budapest … in Bratislava. Today Danube came to see me,” we read on social media. The rain wiped everything out and tore the manholes.

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