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What is Mamokari's real name?  Teo is diminutive

What is Mamokari's real name? Teo is diminutive

We are used to seeing him in shows that focus on his friendship. However, not much is known about Mamokari. Many don't even know what his real name is. Let's find out more about the TV presenter together.

Teo Mamokari –

a You deserve it, Mammuccari conquered everyone with his personality with which he was often seen in competition Rudy Zerbi. Unfortunately, last season, the host decided to step away from his commitments to Mediaset, and accepted Milly Carlucci's invitation to Dancing with the Stars.

With his combative and sarcastic spirit, he enjoyed all the programs he hosted. to Hyenas With Belen it was always very appreciated. In fact, his farewell caused quite a stir. The host has repeatedly made it clear that he wants to give his career a break Mediaset to try one in ray. What certainly distinguished him from his colleagues was precisely the fact that he was controversial, sarcastic and funny at the same time, which was not liked by everyone.

Teo Mamokari, what is your real name?

Despite being part of the entertainment world for years, D.J Little is known about Mamokari. Not everyone knows, for example, that Teo had a great role model as his partner who became the mother of his only daughter. He doesn't really like to talk about his private life, and that's also why there are a lot of question marks about his life. The one with the form ED x Velina Ties Souza Wiggers, With whom he had his daughter, Julia, in 2008, and that was the most important relationship for him.

Teo Mamokari and Anastasia Kuzmina –

Many people used to call him Teo, but his real name is Teo Teodoro Roberto Luis Mamocari. To have a clear choice, he wanted to shorten his long name as much as possible, and chose Teo as appropriate. Before coming to television, Teo studied at a professional institute, graduating from the Conservatory of the Scaletta Theater. Meanwhile, he was busy working as a touring artist and cabaret artist. In short, he worked his way through the ranks like many artists of his generation.

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The big opportunity came with Sherzy Party in 1995 By joining the program's crew: Teo thus demonstrates that he has a winning and irrepressible irony in the world of television. Teo's fans hope to see him back on TV in his traditional shows, but some Teo believe his presence on Rai may last longer than expected given that he has publicly considered poor choices made by Pier Silvio in the schedule and in some of the old programs that have been revived in An era like this It has artificial intelligence as the protagonist.

There are certainly many other interesting weird things about Teo that the host himself could soon reveal to us on one of his future TV shows.