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TikTok, the entertainment platform for brands

TikTok, the entertainment platform for brands

To create content that brings engagement, you need originality, creativity, and joy. Only in this way can you count on a committed and attentive community

Authenticity, creativity, and fun are the key elements for a brand that wants to be successful on TikTok. This was confirmed by the research he conducted Flamingo group Which shows how entertainment is at the center of the experience on the platform and how this can impact the perception of brands and ads. 48% of users think TikTok is joyful, and 41% say it inspires happiness: a feeling that is so contagious that 78% say they feel more positive emotions after watching content on TikTok. Entertainment is therefore the main factor for the billion users around the world who enter the social network every month in search of entertainment (77% of users over 25 years old; 35% of users over 35 years old) and who thanks to this approach also look at the signs business differently. In fact, the survey found that 56% of users improve their perception of a brand after seeing content on TikTok. Not only that, but high-performing advertising returns too: search EU Cpg MMx Not Tik Tok e Nielsen He points out that in paid advertising, social media generates a 30% higher return than the average digital channel. “Businesses have realized that our audience is diverse and that our platform impacts business results. Creativity and authenticity are the key differentiators at TikTok,” says Adriano Accardo, Managing Director, Global Business Solutions, Southern Europe at TikTok. Users therefore associate advertising on TikTok with greater authenticity. Fun, creativity, inspiration and engagement, and commercials that possess these characteristics can get more engagement.There are many successful cases, here are some examples.

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The desire to work with TikTok was born to increase awareness of her groups and attract new followers to her TikTok profile. To create new brand conversations and increase engagement, Moncler launched the Brand Challenge to Reach Massive Outreach. Harnessing the power of the rapper's song “Bubble.” @tydollasign (over 314,000 followers), Moncler launched the #MonclerBubbleUp challenge, asking the question: “How did you get into your bubble?” Users therefore had to respond with their own creative looks inspired by the enveloping shapes and XXL character of the Moncler collection. The campaign gave the community the opportunity to unleash their creativity and shape exceptional content. The idea was to create looks using household items such as duvets and pillows before moving on to the Moncler jacket, serving as a digital runway for Moncler's bolder styles. The brand has teamed up with popular creators from the UK and US to start the challenge Charlie D'Amelio (112 million followers) e Bella Burch (56+ million followers) who provided great inspiration. The challenge has exceeded standards, exceeded expectations and reached new levelsTry all over the world. The challenge has received seven billion video views, which indicates the reach and scope of this campaign. More than 2.6 million videos were created: the end result was 170,000 new followers of the Moncler brand profile.


To launch a new smartphone, OPPO Italy She launched the #RiscopriIlColore Hashtag Challenge. The challenge was based on brand influence and the goal was to “rediscover colour” through the power of the new phone camera. To make the campaign even more authentic, Oppo Italia worked with TikTok Creators to produce a series of stunning videos that showed exactly how the challenge works. With a simple tap on OPPO Search to reach the largest number of users and secure new fans, Oppo Italia also launched a series of in-feed ads that promoted the challenge by appearing on TikTok users' For You page as they explored their personal feeds. The #RiscopriIlColore hashtag challenge ran for a week between May 6 and 17, 2021, attracting more than 24 million people and more than 180,000 videos were created by users during the campaign, with 277 million video views of the hashtag challenge recorded.

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Barilla She aims to make a splash by launching her new TikTok account and launching an eye-catching and engaging campaign. Creator @jimmyrules32 posted a mysterious video the other day calling out a community Tik Tok To eat a plate of rigatoni pasta on May 24, 2021 to the tune of the 70s and 80s song “Funky Town”. When the video went viral, many users joined in and started posting video reminders using the hashtag #eatabowlofRigatoniPastaonMay242021 to the tune of “Funky Town.” Seizing the opportunity to join in on an already existing TikTok trend, Barilla created “Funky Rigatoni,” a reimagined “Funky Town” soundtrack created specifically to celebrate #RigatoniDay on May 24.

The brand launched the soundtrack with two in-feed ads in which Funky Rigatoni told the world about Barilla's arrival on TikTok. For this occasion, the brand has collaborated with one of the most successful content creators on TikTok, @khaby.lame, to create fun content that inspired the famous Rigatoni Day countdown. Users were able to participate in Rigatoni Day by creating engaging and fun content using Barilla's Funky Rigatoni music. The “Funky Rigatoni” campaign achieved the goal: the ads achieved a high engagement rate with 8,900 videos created with the “Funky Rigatoni” soundtrack, resulting in over 27 million views and 2 million interactions.


L'Oréal wanted to create greater awareness about L'Oréal Elvive Dream Long Shampoo by drawing on the creativity of the TikTok community.

To get it, launch a branded hashtag challenge. The #DreamLongChallenge was a call to creativity by letting users' hair be the protagonists, to show off a dance move. In addition to featuring one of the community's most popular creatives — whose hair flowed within the choreography as an extension of her energy — the brand supported the campaign with a TopView activation and a series of in-feed ads to even increase exposure. Community enthusiasm generated more than 523 million video views and 161,000 user creations. Moreover, the participation rate was 14%.

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