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What are the real advantages of Isybank (New Intesa Sanpaolo Bank) and how is it different from others

What are the real advantages of Isybank (New Intesa Sanpaolo Bank) and how is it different from others

isybank It is the digital bank of Intesa Sanpaolo that offers a range of financial services via a mobile application. Among the services offered are checking account management and digital debit card access. Customers can get assistance via the digital branch integrated into the application. Isybank application is available for both iOS and Android devices, ensuring comprehensive coverage for users of both platforms.

Once registration is complete, the current account It is activated in real time, allowing users to access the services offered by Isybank. What we need to know:

  • Isybank, what are the real advantages
  • Because Isybank is different from other banks

Isybank, what are the real advantages

Isybank offers three types of checking accounts: isyLight, isySmart, and isyPrime. Each of these has a different cost, but those who choose the Prime package get more free services included in the monthly fee.

is called the primary account easyLight, free and designed for those who only need a checking account and a debit card for payments. The isyLight account includes a digital debit card and offers the ability to order one for a fee The physical version is in PVC. With this account, cash can be withdrawn for free from ATMs of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group, and from ATMs of other banks for a fee.

Withdrawals can be made using the physical card or via the cardless withdrawal method, which allows you to choose the amount to be withdrawn via the app and confirm the cash withdrawal via a QR code on your smartphone. What’s more: isyLight allows you to send and receive wire transfers, both for free to the Sepa region and instantaneous for a commission. The isybank app also allows you to pay for free Mav, the regular and simplified F24, and activate direct debit on the account. The account statement in electronic form is also free.

Plan easySmart he have The cost is 3.90 euros per month It offers more completeness than isyLight. With isySmart, the monthly fee includes the debit card, both in digital and PVC versions, with the ability to customize. Also with this account it is possible to make free withdrawals from group ATMs, free Sepa transfers, as is MAV, F24 and RID payment and account statements.

EasyPrime Is the most complete current account offered by Isybank, with The monthly cost is 9.90 euros. The monthly fee includes the debit card, in either customizable digital or physical versions, and offers the ability to order the metal version for a fee. All withdrawals and transfers, including instant payments, are free with an isyPrime account, as are MAV and F24 payments, direct debits, eStatements, CBILL payments, PagoPA and soon also pre-printed postal payment vouchers.

Because Isybank is different from other banks

Isybank offers the possibility of opening an account online in a simple way, using a digital path. The process requires uploading a document and registering a photo, thank youUse of artificial intelligenceDocuments are verified in a short time. Isybank application offers various services in an integrated way. With a single application, users can manage their accounts and payment cards.

An interesting feature isThe option to talk to us, which allows you to communicate directly with a digital branch manager, available at certain times. Among the services offered by the application, it is possible to make different types of payments such as refills, bank transfers, car tax payments and F24. It is possible to request and receive an advance from salary or pension up to 15 days prior to the credit date.

Another point of difference in Isybank is the possibility Easily transfer your account and facilities from other banks via a button in the app. The app also supports the digital card, which allows you to make online and in-store payments directly from your smartphone. For those who prefer physical paper, Isybank offers cards from recycled materials that are customizable.

to me security managementUsers can configure their payment card limits and set up Geocontrol. In an emergency, cards can be easily blocked or suspended via the app. Isybank also offers real-time payment and exchange functions through Bancomat Pay, which allows you to pay at affiliated stores and exchange money with contacts in your address book.

With cardless withdrawals, users can Withdraw money from all authorized ATMs of Italian banks of the Intesa Sanpaolo Groupdirectly from the app without having to use the physical card.

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