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I top up the MG4 Luxury every evening. Did I damage the battery?


Flavio, new to the electric car, is afraid of damaging the MG4 Luxury’s battery by charging it in the garage every evening. So what is the best way to refill a BEV? Send questions to [email protected].

pv garage, max power 5.7kW

Drfew weeks are Happy owner of the MG4 Luxury.
This electric vehicle came after switching from almost all possible powertrain types (petrol, LPG, diesel, hybrid and plug-in).
At home I have 6KW photovoltaic system Which, of course, I also use to charge the car.
For a few days, the doubt that came upon me was whether road I use it to recharge my car battery is correct or alternatively it can be harmful for the battery itself.
Basically every time I come home I charge the battery regardless of the current state of charge.
Charging power comes from 1.3 kWh to 5.5 kWh Depending on the power generated by the photovoltaic cells.
Is this a safe method or can it be harmful to the battery?
Can you give me an answer for that?
I think this question will certainly be of interest to other owners of electric vehicles.Flavio Palacini

It’s the perfect recharge method

Answer- What Flavio has adopted is quite the top-up methodology Improves for an electric car. In fact, low-power charging Do not stress the cells my own maintain longevity. indeed ideal For anyone using BEV’s Short and medium-haul day tripsthat is, within the autonomy “range” of its battery, which is 450 km.

MG4 Luxury mounts a 64 kWh battery pack You name it with NMC cells. The only caveat we can advise you to adopt is not to push refills systematically More than 80% of capacityEspecially if you plan to leave the car parked for a few days. will not help and Will stress unnecessarily cells.

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Better not too full or too low

Batteries like yours suffer a little when Too charged or too discharged. So it would be a good practice to keep it in range 20-80%.

But don’t make it a dogma. in anticipation of longer tripWhen your destination is more than 350 km away, you can easily pack it up to 100%: You can avoid an intermediate stop at a public charging station or make a shorter stop, simply charging, to get to your destination.

MG4 in Standard Edition Instead, batteries of less capacity (51 kWh) are installed, but with one battery LFP chemistry (lithium – iron – phosphate) which suffer much less Complete packages.

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