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400 million euros comes from PNRR

400 million euros comes from PNRR

Italy will allocate 400 million euros to modernize agricultural machineryAnd Thanks to National Recovery and Resilience (PNRR) funds. Mechanized agricultural enterprises and agricultural micro, small and medium enterprises will be able to benefit from contributions of up to 65% or even 80% of investment costs

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forestry (MASAF) announced grants 400 million euros to fund an update agricultural machinery In Italy. This intervention falls within the scope of the measures envisaged in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR), which aim to strengtheninnovation and the mechanization in the agricultural and food sector. The new decree n. No. 413219/2023 specified procedures for issuing regional bids for the distribution of these resources among countries Mechanical agricultural projectsthe microscopic And Small and medium agricultural projectsas well as related cooperatives And related to.

Bonus agricultural machinery: how it works

Agricultural machinery: €400 million comes from PNRR

Include companies eligible for the bonus Mechanical agricultural projects and the Micro, small and medium agricultural projects along with them Cooperatives and associations. It must meet the specified requests requirementsIncluding registration in CCIAAhaving a Company profile updated, and the lack of conditions “Business is in difficultyAccording to the regulations of State aid from the European Union.

The scholarship awarded will be presented in the form of capital contributioncovering 65% of costs qualified investment. However, in case small farmersContribution can reach80% of costs. the Eligible expenses Related projects in categoriesPrecision farmingthe Off-road vehicle replacement for agriculture and animal husbandry, andInnovating irrigation systems.

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Agricultural machinery bonus: what are the stages

Agricultural machinery: €400 million comes from PNRR

the Schedule Set out in the decree indicate the main stages of the process. the Autonomous regions and provinces They are responsible for defining who I am Standards and the outcome thresholdsas well as meeting deadlines Publication of tendersL’acquire questionsthe Selection of eligible projects and thePayment of subscriptions.

In a context where agriculture is facing increasing challenges, these resources aim to promote the technological development and operational efficiency of Italian farms. With the implementation of the program according to Schedule Established, designed to promoteSustainable innovation And support the agricultural sector in its path Resilience And to update.