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The pension, the premise of 58 years for women, negotiations between the government and the unions. At the moment, there is no strike


At the moment it is not broken up annuities. Trade unions, as was also expected on that eve, announced their mobilization against the budget law with workplace rallies and demonstrations at the local level. But at the moment the word “strike” is not mentioned. Thus opens a complex phase where the government on the one hand and CGIL and Cisl Uil on the other will try to approach an agenda that sees pensions and taxes first, and also includes many other issues from social safety nets to corporate crises even public servant contracts.

Pensions and negotiations between government and trade unions

Some opening took place with the government opening on the “women’s choice”, whose age will remain fixed at 58, while the issue of youth social security can allow some convergence to be found on the security pension. However, the negotiations promise to be complex and it cannot be ruled out that tensions will worsen between now and the end of the year; At the moment, the three confederations look squeezed, but it is also possible that some diversity in approach will emerge in the coming weeks.

The most sensitive issue, again, is precisely the question of pensions. The compromise offered by Mario Draghi and Daniel Franco, or to provide a transition rule for 2022 alone pending a new schedule to be launched in January, does not eliminate the essential distance: The Executive wants to return to Fornero law rules expanded to exceptions such as the social bee for hard jobs (extended into categories new) and women’s choice: with regard to the latter mechanism, which allows workers to obtain early retirement in exchange for a less generous allowance, the desire to return the minimum age from 60 to 58 years (with 35 contributions) arose during the parliamentary examinations.

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Is there room for a different structural form of early exit? Unions want share 41 (retirement with 41 years of contributions regardless of age) which is, however, expensive; Palazzo Chigi and Mef can both consider a general flexibility but always tied to a contribution account, which at least in the medium term offsets the cost of higher expenses with slightly lower pensions.

Common ground can be found on measures for youth such as the future security pension, which aims to protect existing youth who are penalized through the contribution account associated with precarious work jobs; Among other things, it is a matter that will allow Landini, Spara and Bombardieri to avoid being accused of protecting their older members above all else.

the point
In the tax chapter, the union indicator is quite clear: allocate to workers the entire dowry of 8 billion allocated to the reduction of the wedge (the difference between net and total salaries due to taxes and contributions): intervention in AirBev in favor of employees and retirees.

However, the executive must manage a more complex game that also includes the demands of the business world and the same technical difficulty in determining the income tax reorganization consistent with the goals of future comprehensive reform. The social safety net reform that introduces the budget law with a dowry limited to 3 billion, a small number compared to the initial ambition of extending unemployment protection to all workers. Trade unions will also closely follow the contract renewals of public servants, the definition of which should come into force in the coming weeks just as the three-year period indicated by the contracts approaches: the application will therefore be largely retroactive.

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Confindustria President Bonomi also spoke yesterday about the budget law, which, after saying he was against the possibility of a strike at this point, acknowledged the expanded nature of the government-approved maneuver. However, pressure on the same executive over the use of the 8 billion aimed at reducing the tax wedge: industrialists want them to go to reduce contributions for the benefit of companies, but at the moment this approach has not been incorporated into the text.


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