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We’ll tell you when the first African heat wave of the season will be, there is a date

Weather: We tell you when the first African heat wave of the season will be, there is a date

The first heat wave may come in the coming weeksThanks to the medium and long-term weather models of the major research centers, we can detect a trend for the next few weeks The first wave of African heat with summer flavorThe last is a much more stable time period than the dynamic weeks.

If we look at the European sector, we can see how About 13/14 May The Strong resistance of African descent This is the first time this season it has occupied much of the Mediterranean.
It will be together from the latest updates Warm air mass for the period, The average is 7/8 degrees Celsius even higher. In particular, coincide with the middle of the month, on Sicily and Sardinia You can touch them The maximum peak is about 30/32 C, Really significant value. In other parts of Italy it will be much hotter and the values ​​will be compressedi 26 to 28 C Especially in the Valpatana and Tyrrhenian fields. In short, we can be in the presence of a real person Early summer For the most part in our country, the current climate confirms the trend, which is aimed at global warming, which saw the first heat waves coming from the African continent in late spring for a few years.
So the green light for tanning in the first baths and main beach resorts of the season.

But be careful, on the other hand: all of this heat can be positive, especially in the afternoon, as usually happens in the summer, formation The storm imposes on the cellsAnd. Especially in the regions Center-NorthThe greatest dangers arise when a large amount of moisture and heat accumulate after a heat wave in the lower layers of the atmosphere. Then, during the first fresh and unstable winds at higher altitudes (usually downward from northern Europe), convection movements (rising hot air) are favorable for appearance. Especially with heavy thunderstorms, With high risk Sleet And in some cases, rarely, even Hurricane.

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Heat wave hypothesis in mid-MayHeat wave hypothesis in mid-May