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Weather forecast. Over the weekend, a Mediterranean cyclone looms over parts of Italy with rain and thunderstorms. Latest News «3B Meteo

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Weekend weather
Weekend weather

Spiral towards southern Italy. That vortex Friday It will form around Italy, following the merger between the two previous depression systems in the Mediterranean, and pilot it. A lead covering part of Italy for the weekend With uncertain new events. After all the central-southern regions often find themselves in cross-chairs in the pouring rain.Doomed to peak in the afternoon near Apennine Ridge and The temperature drops. Northern Italy should gradually begin to emerge from instability as the center of the depression towards our southern hemisphere is removed.

Weekend weather, spinning towards southern Italy
Weekend weather, spinning towards southern Italy

Weekend weather trend. Saturday In addition to rain and sleet Sicily, from the beginning of the day, practically inland should affect the Apennine Mountains. During the day, the rain intensifies and there will be frequent thundershowers. With occupations toward the central-southern Tyrrhenian coasts. Instability is also on the rise in Sardinia, starting locally. Some daytime events are also expected in the north near the Alps. But in a sunny environment to the north. In the evening, a general reduction in rainfall. Sunday Evolution should not be so different from the new episodes of the previous 24 hours Instability, including storms in the central-south interior; In the local occupation of the Tyrrhenian beaches. The inland areas of the main islands and the vicinity of the Alps are involved, despite the high sunshine. Considering the temporary distance and the more chaotic situation, the trend may change in the coming days. So we advise you to follow the next updates.

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