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Presidential candidates are the primary winners

Presidential candidates are the primary winners

At his Miami mansion, Tuesday night was surrounded by enthusiastic colleagues Donald Trump He once again indirectly tasted an election victory. In Ohio, far from his home in Mar-a-Lago, under cloudy and winter rain, the former president’s support led to the victory of the Republican primary candidate, whom he considered the most backward, Jedi Vance. The author of the famous novel about white communities left behind by globalization was the primary candidate to run for the vacant seat in November by the senator “Hillbilly Elogie” (“Eulogia de Pussuri”, translated with Eulogia Americana in Italian). Rob Portman is one of the few people who does not blindly associate with Trump. Vance’s victory is undoubtedly a victory for Trump, his spokesman pointed out: “The power of President Trump’s endorsement is undeniable, and the promise of his Maga movement will not only define by-elections, but will win elections. Come on.”

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The Vance event thrilled the American press, with the writer being one of the most vocal opponents of Trump in 2016, and indeed defining the then-presidential candidate as “an example of a cultural heroine.” But after that exploitation on the American stage, Vance stepped back, he admirably described the need for personal responsibility in the Hillbilly Elegy, and rode on the theory that the dark forces of the deep state threaten innocent American workers. A m gulpa towards Trump, Trump loves those who “repent” and kiss his ring. Thus the former president greeted the former enemy with victory. In the end, Vance received 32% of the Republican vote, with 58% of voters from the same party choosing the other five candidates and scattering the vote. Can Republicans now shrink the party in November? Ohio went to Trump in 2020, not Biden, and it is clear he wants to play a key role in that. Democrats line up against Vance, who won the first election in Soupless and was re-elected 20 years later with a clear majority, and is a white, moderate, ubiquitous and defender. Classes have been forgotten by the globalization and technological leap. There are other events in the Ohio primaries that could lead to predictions about how elections will unfold in the coming months. Governor Mike Devine, a non-Trumpian, won the primary and is expected to be re-elected in November.

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Other wins
However, Trump reported better results with two less important and popular candidates than Vance: Madison Gilbert, former Miss Ohio, Max Miller, former White House adviser and his successor, and his successor J.R. Conan’s conspiracy movement. Meanwhile, in the opposition, Ryan defeated liberal challenger Morgan Harper to win the primary for the senatorial seat, while Shondel Brown secured a place in the House ahead of ultralibular Nina Turner. Ryan and Brown are both pro-Biden candidates. Harper and Turner were the party’s left-wing candidates, backed by Bernie Sanders and Alexandra Ocacio Cortez. In fact, it can be said that the Trump-Biden challenge is re-emerging in Ohio, with candidates running for president and former president winning more than rivals, strengthening the grip of their respective parties. The next few weeks will be interesting to see if Trump can maintain the grip he has shown, especially in Ohio: according to various observers, the former president has made some dangerous challenges in the next primaries. If he continues to win, there is no doubt that his grip on the party base is iron.

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