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Weather warning in Veneto: floods and landslides, rivers monitored.  The Milan-Venice train line between Vicenza and Padua is blocked

Weather warning in Veneto: floods and landslides, rivers monitored. The Milan-Venice train line between Vicenza and Padua is blocked

OffRoberta Merlin

Bad weather, affected areas and warning levels: “Red” code in Alto Piave and Vicenza area. Potassin: “The Montebello Basin is open, and soon, the Columberetta Basin”

“I am Complicated timing due to weather. We observe with attention The entire regional territory and in particular Rivers of the Vicenza region, where the water level is rising. We can find out “Crisis conditions also in the Veronese and Padua regions.”. This was stated in a note by the President of Veneto Luca Jaya regarding the bad weather that will hit the region from this morning. “I am in touch with the structures that handle road and rail traffic – Zaia continues -.

The Milan-Venice train line was disrupted

The Milan-Venice train line will also be disrupted at nightAverted due to bad weather On the section between Vicenza and Padua stations. Traffic was blocked in the afternoon, especially in the eastern part of the capital of Perigo and in the municipality of Torri di Quartesolo, when the tracks were at risk of being flooded.

In the evening, around 9.30pm, on the RFI (Italian Railway Network) website, it A traffic blockade has been confirmed not only from Vicenza, but also on the routes towards Treviso and Shio., closed since noon. For incoming passengers An alternative bus service has been implemented from Verona and Lombardy, connected to Padua station, from where I was able to catch trains to Venice and Friuli Venezia Giulia. Rivers are expected to flood during the night due to continued rain in Vicenza.

The Regional Councilor for Civil Defense also intervenes in the weather picture. To Giampaolo Bottacin «Yesterday's forecasts showed 200 millimeters in 48 hours. For now we are at 60-90, with peaks in the upper Veronese area and the Regoro area (Vicenza)., we reached over 115 millimeters. Over the next few hours Chaos moves eastwardTowards the foothills of Treviso and Montebelluno. Montebello Basin activatedOne in Orolo is tested, A Columbareta will open soon. I don't rule it outBased on forecasts of disturbances moving into the Treviso area, That will open on the Muson dei Sassi. Snow levels rise due to snowfall in the mountains – he concludes – but a major liquidation is not expected.”

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Weather forecast: Schools closed in Vicenza on Wednesday 28 February

Regional weather forecast reports, until Wednesday 28 February, a long phase Precipitation Extensive and stable associated with south-southeast moist flow at higher altitudes. Today, February 27, the most intense phase is expected. Areas affected by very significant rainfall accumulation (abundant to very high) Pre-Alpine and Piedmont regionsBut on that day Plains The size will be significant. limit snowfall It will be variable: tomorrow it will reach around 1300-1600 meters, on Wednesday, around 1500-1800 meters. Significant snow accumulations are expected above 1500-1700 m. In view of the expected weather events, the following areas will be under “special watch” from 8 am on February 27 through February 28, the Civil Defense said.

Due to the continuation of inclement weather and the forecast for further deterioration, the Municipal Operations Center has decided to Close the schools Every order and degree of municipal territory Vicenza. Destiny, too, is a concern All municipal gymnasiums and sports facilitiesDeployed to avoid congestion on roads to allow immediate intervention of civil defense and emergency vehicles.

Affected areas

“Alarm” phase (RosaIn the Piave Pedemontano (BL-TV) and Alto Brenta-Bacchiglione-Alpone (VI – BL – TV -VR) river basins. “Early warning” phase (Orange) in the Adige-Garda and Monte Lessini (VR) and Passo Brenda-Pachiglione (PD-VI-VR-VE-TV) basins. “attention” phase (Yellow) in the Alto basins
Piave (BL), Lower Piave, Sail and Lagoon Drainage Basin (VE-TV-PD), Livenza, Leman and Tagliamento (VE-TV). “Early warning” phase (Orange) in the Piave Pedemontano (BL-TV), Alto Brenta-Bacchiglione-Alpone (VI – BL – TV -VR) and Basso Brenta -Bacchiglione (PD-VI-VR-VE-TV) basins. “attention” phase (Yellow) in Adige-Garda and Monte Leccini (VR), Passo Piave, Sail and Lagoon drainage basins (VE-TV-PD) and Livenza, Leman and Tagliamento (VE-TV). Also, an operational phase of “Warning” has been declared for the Western Reliefs and Western Plains from midnight tonight to tomorrow due to “strong winds”.

Floods in Padua area

A Padua It was on Tuesday Full service opened, paying particular attention to the fast-growing Pisado River. Some flooding in the province Some channels swelled due to rain. It happened Cervares Santa Cruzwhere the municipality recommends caution: “Since this morning we are in constant contact with the rescue federation for monitoring and intervention in the water bodies. The civil defense and the local police are following the most critical situations.”

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Roads were flooded in Theolo, but the situation was described as not serious by firefighters. No one has been implicated yet. Flooding of basements and ditches in the lower Estenes area and Carceri municipality. More advertising Abano Terme There is attention. “Our people have been active since this morning Agents From the Metropolitan Police and our group of Civil Defense volunteers Abano Terme is searching the municipal area,” Mayor Federico Barberato writes on Facebook. “Municipal warehouses are open to distribute bags. Sand to the residents.”

At Vicenza, Pachyglione and Retrone are worried

As in the picture outlined by Zaia and Bottacin, it rained heavily in the last few hours The levels of two rivers that cross the city and the historic center of Vicenza suddenly rose. Around noon Pachygyleon The reading at the Ponte degli Angeli rain gauge was 4.25 meters, close to the safety level of 4 and a half meters.

correct time Bridge of Angels Bulkheads are opened and sandbags are placed in advance as a precautionary measure and are available to citizens when required in various parts of the city.

However, of greater concern is the other river, the RetrospectivelyIt comes from an industrial area whose very high level no longer allows other streams to drain water, constantly flooding roads, basements and garages, even when the river level reaches 3.20. with less intensity.

City council Vicenza Ordered the implementation of the Coc, Municipal Operations Center, to the local police command to deal with the influx of rain. City parks are closed to the public; As a precaution, Sant'Agostino's schools are also closed today: Arnoldi State Elementary School and Molino Municipal Nursery School.

at midnight, Rain is expected from 2 to 5, especially in hilly areas, an event that will rapidly increase the flow of the Pachyglione River early tomorrow morning. The situation is being monitored by civil engineering regarding the possible opening of the Caldogno Basin and Viale Diaz. Coc has organized vigilance shifts and active teams throughout the night and into tomorrow. For any emergency tonight, citizens can contact the toll free number 800127812 or the local police operation center number 0444 545311.

Landslides in the Veronese region

The situation is currently under control in the Verona area, where rivers and streams are being monitored. Particular attention is paid to the eastern part of the province
scaliger: a sweet The large heads in between were closed Alphonse e Dramigna On the bridge with SR 11. The area has been affected by various floods in the past, the most severe being the floods in Ognisanti in 2010 when the towns of Chou and especially Monteforte and Albone were under water. A few minor landslides and landslides have also been recorded. In Valpolicella A Brake The road between the hamlets of Torbay E Brune, in Negrar Municipality. TO Kalawena BayIn Lesinia, a section of SP 36 was blocked due to a road collapse.

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Two provincial elections were concluded in the Belluno region

However, the roads have been affected due to the heavy snowfall in Beluno hill area for the past few hours. The Veneto Strait reports that they remain Closed Province 638's “Kiao Pass” and Provincial 148”Monte GrappaDue to avalanche danger. No information on traffic issues. All companies were alerted on Monday afternoon. Ice service is running. Also, availability is enabled for all employees. Notification from the province of the passage for the yellow code.

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