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Covid, ten Italians vaccinated in September |  The hypothesis of a third dose against farewells and variations for centers

Covid, ten Italians vaccinated in September | The hypothesis of a third dose against farewells and variations for centers

After more than 13 million vaccinations, one in almost 4 Italians (24.01%) received more than 22 million in June, and the administration’s threshold of more than 500,000 per day remains stable, according to Commissioner Figueroa’s plan for the fall. The opportunity to acquire the first three months under the leadership of the Commissioner Framework and to know the taxes to come after the summer is given in the Chamber hearing of the Budget Commission, which is debating the Sostechni Order. .

Aim of General Figliolo

The general says that by September 30, we will have vaccinated 80% of the population, that is, 54.3 million Italians, including those between the ages of 12 and 15, currently only have the Pfizer vaccine approved. Moderna today seeks EMA recognition for teens as well. However, to achieve the September target, the Commissioner underscores the need to continue on the path taken: cooperation with the regions, whose involvement is “vital”, “flexible” procedures for booking in August and to maintain the target of at least 500 thousand injections per day. Continue to support management for those over and over.

Abduction of centers in the fall

A new strategy will be needed with the fall. It starts with thwarting the emergency administration of the epidemic. The “powerful and complex” machinery of the commissioner structure will “gradually lead” to the normal management of health activities by efficient central and local administrations. The General does not specify a date, but understands his idea: the Commissioner in Civil Defense will make a progressive absorption of the structure, which will handle the procurement, logistics and distribution of equipment and vaccines, and return to areas where all health will be managed. Features.

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Hypothesis of the third dose

Ordinary management also beats the centers. In essence, the “gradual but necessary” transition from immunizations to vaccinations carried out in a centralized manner, using family physicians, pediatricians and pharmacists, will be widespread and close to citizens. This regulation should also be considered in light of the possibility of continuing with the third dose of the vaccine. At the moment, what most scientists believe is that immunity lasts about a year, so the general says, “we need to organize ourselves to remember,” and in light of the variations that the virus is constantly changing.

Yes to private parties in 7 regions

Starting today, meanwhile, anti-Govt restrictions are being further relaxed. We return to the banquet in the other four regions, now a total of seven. But it is still forbidden to organize parties at home or to dance at discos, which are closed at least throughout June. In the riddle of new activities in the White Zone, the last talks on the political table were about resuming the fun of the people at night. After the midnight curfew order was postponed in the Yellow Zones, it is now a fun theme that separates the low risk range.

Waiting at discos

In the next few hours, the Association of Italian Dance Clubs (SILP) will meet with Undersecretary Andrea Costa at the Ministry of Health. A similar request came from the managers of Confindestria’s ‘Aso Entertainment’ discos, who could meet with Costa in the coming days. In this regard, Minister Speranza – who has shown even a hint of transparency in view of future estimates – is cautious and has not yet articulated himself, but pressure from the center-right is rising, with the exception of this sector.

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“Yes to Green Pass, but without masks” “We’re proposing to start again from July – explains Luciano Sanchi, head of Aso Entertainment – but it’s clear that our job is to crowd out people. We are totally in favor of Green Pass and access to tracking, so only those with antibodies or negative results will be allowed on the premises, which makes it impossible to force the use of the existing template. “