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It's Always Midday, a chilling backstory about a beloved chef's farewell: 'The journey began without explanations'

It's Always Midday, a chilling backstory about a beloved chef's farewell: 'The journey began without explanations'

Antonella Clerici –

The chef's disappointment is very strong: it seems that there is no longer any room for the beloved protagonist È semper midday in the program Clerici.

After the great success it achieved “Chef Test”, Antonella Clerici He returned for a few years to wow Rai 1 viewers New cooking look called “It's Always Midday”.

The program, which enjoyed a large audience, is now continuing It airs Monday to Friday, from 11.55am to 1.30pmIt offers an innovative approach to the world of cooking on television.

Unlike its predecessor, “It's Always Noon” stands out Absence of culinary challenges among chefsaiming instead to create a more relaxed and inclusive atmosphere.

The show focuses on sharing recipes and cooking tips with the audience, avoiding the usual tension of competitions, however Allow everyone to bring their own experiences and skills to the program.

“It's always the middle of the day”: games and recipes in a natural setting

In addition to cooking demonstrations, The show offers fun elements that effectively engage viewers. During the episode, games are organized related to, for example, a UFO, and at the end viewers call in to try to guess it and win prizes, such as a shopping voucher provided by the sponsors.

The display set is a tribute to Antonella Clerici's house in the forest, rich in landscaping that includes trees, foliage and animals, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere that invites relaxation and fun. The invited chefs vary by episode, with some returning regularly to address specific culinary topics or to present recipes related to anniversaries and seasons of the year.

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Simone Posey It's always the middle of the day
Simone Buzzi and Antonella Clerici –

Chef Revealed Clerici: Big Disappointment

Among the chefs who participated in the Clerici program, the audience was particularly fond Simone Bozzi. The man recently had to deal with a bad illness Non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Simon says that he was suffering from worrying symptoms such as a persistent cough, swollen lymph nodes in his neck, and constant fatigue, which prompted him to undergo in-depth medical examinations. The diagnosis came at the end of June 2022 and intensive chemotherapy actually began in August. “I went through treatment that broke me.” Simon A. said: Fan pageprescribes long treatment courses, with continuous infusions for five days and short rest periods.

post treatment Simone was expecting to return to his place on television, on the program alongside Antonella ClericiBut things didn't go as planned. During treatment, the program staff supported him, but when he returned to the radio, and despite the enthusiasm of his colleagues and their emotional tears, his presence decreased, until it stopped completely. “It's over with no logical explanation. I'm back happy and happy to be there. I feel people's affection, but unfortunately I think I'll never be able to come back. It's clear that someone doesn't want to.”Simon Posey said.