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Luci ed Ombre sull’Estate di Caronte anche a Ferragosto

August, super heat or rain all month? Summer 2022 » We reveal all the shades at

Weather: August, super heat or rain all month? We’re revealing all the shades for summer 2022

Lights and Shadows in August and Charon’s SummerSummer started with a bang, but it only takes a very short break. A new heat wave is indeed approaching.

Will it last two more uninterrupted months as many are saying or not?

Long-term forecasts, although more reliable than in the past, are still somewhat inaccurate: in any case, they represent the continuation of the season. This hour.

However, some clues make us think that something may be going wrong: climate change does not just mean warmer or more droughts, but more than anything else. RadicalizationThat means hot and dry periods can alternate with rainy and cold phases, and even giant hailstorms.

Looking at past weather history, it’s actually mostly the months of June through July, and the months that follow A rather stormy August… Although the first heaters were lit, it was very difficult to find the sun in the clouds … But as we always say, summer 2022 will leave us, among the lights and many shadows. A little memory, was it just a holiday, a weekend or a night, a star?

is obvious.

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