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A double orange alert has been issued in Padua due to heavy rains for three days

A double orange alert has been issued in Padua due to heavy rains for three days

The regional weather forecast reports a prolonged phase of widespread and persistent rain associated with moist flow from the south-southeast over high elevations till Wednesday, February 28. Forecasted bad weather brings the Killi region to its knees. In particular, February 27, since early this morning, some streets in Cerveries Santa Croce, Abano Terme and Theolo were flooded. The situation developing at Cerveries in Via Colombere is very worrying
And more citizens along Bosco contacted 115 as water invaded the streets, putting the safety of private homes at grave risk. Residents are preparing with sandbags. Less important, but certainly worth paying attention to, is the heavy downpour in Theolo overnight, creating significant problems along the Rialto and Vicinale Monteortone. In Abano, eyes are focused above all on the hamlet of Jiare. Here urgency is the main concern
Via Appia Monterosso, via Billon and via San Bartolomeo.

Padua West

If people are suffering hours of agony in the Goli region, all eyes are on Pacchiglione, in the northern part of Padua, between the municipalities of Selvasano, Chacolongo and Veggiano. Vicenza reports that the river has not crossed its flood stage at this time, but the water level is one meter below the safety level. For this reason, the police and civil defense are monitoring the situation with great care and are ready to intervene immediately if necessary.
The first important issue.


Since early this morning, calls to the 115 operation center have multiplied. Firefighters are monitoring the area, but there are currently no borderline conditions of objective danger. In addition to flooding of individual areas, maximum attention is paid to unprotected trees and road signs. It is recommended to drive with extreme caution to avoid road accidents.

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This evening, Monday, February 26, light to moderate rain is expected from western areas. Tomorrow, Tuesday, February 27, the most intense phase will be recorded: the areas affected by the most significant precipitation accumulation (abundant to very high) will be the pre-alpine and foothills, but the amount will also be significant in the plains. . The snowfall range will vary: Tomorrow it will reach around 1,300-1,600 meters, and on Wednesday, it will settle at around 1500-1800 meters. Significant snow accumulations are expected above 1,500-1,700 meters.

Hydrology Review

Considering the forecast weather events, the Regional Civil Defense's Decentralized Operations Center informs that various operational phases have been announced from tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. to the full day of Wednesday, February 28. Due to the hydrogeological criticality, the “alarm” phase (red) is declared in the Piave Pedemontano (BL-TV) and Alto Brenta-Bacchiglione-Alpone (VI – BL – TV – VR) river basins, as well as “early warning”. phase (orange) and Alto Piave (PL) in the Adige-Garda and Monte Leccini (VR) and Passo Brenda-Paglione (PT-VI-VR-VE-TV) basins, the “attention” phase (yellow) in the Basso Piave, Sile basins and Lagoon drainage basin (VE-TV-PD), Livenza, Lemon and Tagliamento (VE-TV).

Hydraulic Review

Due to the hydraulic criticality, the “early warning” phase (orange) was announced in Piave Pedimentano (BL-TV), Alto Brenta-Bacchiglione-Alpone (VI – BL – TV – VR) and Basso Brenta-Bacchiglione (PD). -VI- VR-VE-TV) and “attention” phase (yellow) in Adige-Garda and Monte Lessini basins (VR), Passo Piave, Sail and Lagoon drainage basin (VE-TV-PD) and Livenza, Lemon and Tagliamento (VE-TV).

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strong wind

Also, a “high winds” operational phase has been announced for the western reliefs and western plains from midnight tonight into tomorrow.