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Bad weather in Emilia Romagna: Warning for rivers and closed bridges.  Landslide in Modena area, a family evacuated

Bad weather in Emilia Romagna: Warning for rivers and closed bridges. Landslide in Modena area, a family evacuated

Bologna, 28 February 2024 – Again Bad weather in Emilia RomagnaRain is expected throughout the week Risk of river flooding and landslides.

Due to bad weather a Landslide in the Modena area of ​​Mongio Firefighters on site, in Balagano via Montegross. The road gave way near a house. A family involved Who should leave home? have occurred Thunderstorm between Romagna and Ferraris. Meanwhile theOrange alert It was extended throughout the day due to the possibility of flooding in rivers Tomorrow is February 29 In the provinces Burma, Reggio Emilia, Bologna, Ferrara and Ravenna; Other areas are yellow.

Bad weather in Emilia Romagna: left, a landslide at Mongio di Balagano in the Modena region; On the right, the Bologna area is controlled by the Carabinieri

They remain Both bridges over Chechia River are currently closed The Ponte Alto in Modena and the Ucellino Bridge between Modena and Soleira were closed as a precaution last night.

The river level has receded, reaching a flood peak of 9.17 meters at Ponte Alto at 5am, slowly passing through the Modena area. The infrastructure will be reopened to traffic once the river drops below Threshold 2, equivalent to 8 meters at Ponte Alto.

The rains were more intense on the mountain ridges, which contributed officer Clearly Ritragoli dam level Yesterday alone it increased by more than 2 meters. Due to bad weather, the Fantina line between Fenza and Marradi has been closed, interrupted for a long time after the floods in May.

For the caveat in Bolognese The Carabinieri also took the field and controlled various parts of the territory near the Reno River, the Limentra Stream – the Ponte di Versuno and the Brasimone Basin and the Genna Stream via the Fonte.

Rather circumstantial “Most Important” in Vicenza And in the rest of the Veneto, a wave of bad weather prompted a red alert for strong winds, thunderstorms and swollen rivers.

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Tributaries continue to flow into the Po River

Tributaries continue to flow into the Po River. Water levels are already rising from the Piedmont region. For now, no dangerous situations or specific emergencies are expected during these hours, thanks to the respite from the rain and the low levels recorded earlier in the week. A large river should inundate only the inner parts of the floodplain without touching the main banks. Apparently, for safety reasons, access to the inner banks and flood circulation channels is still restricted. The level of the Enza stream continues to fall as it reached 11 meters with Sorpolo Bridge closed for over four hours. Last night Enza registered a new slight increase and then started to decline.

12:15 p.m

Thunderstorm between Romagna and Ferraris

According to the Emilia Romagna weather site, “The first storms of the season are underway between Romagna and Ferraris. An increase in rainfall from south-east to north-west favors showers and thunderstorms between the coast. Ravenna – Alfonsine and then Ferrara towards Cesenatico / Lido of Dante. In fact, 16mm is currently present. The worst hit area with rain is Ravenna”.


Levels of Chechia River

Emilia Romagna Meteo updates the situation of the Secchia river at Ponte dell'Uccellino in the Soliera area of ​​Modena: “In the morning the orange exceeded the threshold of 8.81 meters at Ponte Alto, after reaching 9. Meters and 17 cm, the orange at Ponte Bachello The color threshold was exceeded at 86 cm, but the size seems to have peaked. The orange threshold was recently exceeded at Ponte Motta, and the level is increasing”.


Orange Alert Continues: Forecasts

An orange warning for river flooding will also continue tomorrow in the provinces of Burma, Reggio Emilia, Modena, Bologna, Ferrara and Ravenna. Instead it is yellow in other areas. In fact, chaotic weather conditions are forecast for tomorrow, with widespread rainfall, more intense and localized rain in Mid-West relief.


Landslide at Mongio in the Modena area

Landslide due to bad weather in Mongio de Balagano via Montegros, firefighters on site. The road gave way near a house. A family had to leave their home. Firefighters rushed to the spot and started rescue operations


The Carabinieri are raiding the Bolognese area

The Carabinieri of Bologna are also busy controlling the weather warning area: especially along Lame, near the river Reno, in the Limentra – Ponte di Versuno torrent and in the Brasimone basin, along the Fonte via the Gena torrent.


The Fentina line is closed

Due to the alert launched by the National Warning System to forecast inclement weather and consequent rain-induced landslides on railway infrastructure, it Closed Since last night Faentina line between Faenza and Marradi, After the May floods there was a long interruption. According to the procedure agreed with the transport companies and the regions of Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna, the journeys are planned – recalls Ferovi dello Stato – with alternative buses that can increase journey times also in relation to road transport.


Bonacini: “Let's hope everything passes without consequences”

“Let's hope everything passes without consequences.” With these words, the president of Emilia-Romagna, Stefano Bonacini, commented on SkyTg24 about the new orange weather warning for the risk of landslides. “We've already had a lot of consequences after the floods in May”.


Ritragoli dam level

“The rains – Emilia-Romagna Meteo – reports – Romagna's plains and mountains were barely wet, while they helped significantly increase the level of the Ritragoli dam. It went from 87% volume yesterday morning to more than 92%, and now it is less than two and a half meters until it overflows, It means 100% full”


Precipitation with weak accumulations is expected

We will see fresh rain from the south today. Compared to yesterday, the accumulations will be decisive: from 0 to 10 mm in the Romagna and Ferrara region, with a peak of 25/35 mm in the central part of Emilia.


The orange warning remains in effect for the rest of the day

An Orange Alert for Hydraulic Criticality issued by the Regional Agency for Regional Security and Civil Defense remains in effect throughout the day.


Technicians at work

Municipal, provincial and IPO technicians, civil defense volunteers and traffic monitoring, local police operators are involved in monitoring the Modena hydraulic outlet, which includes the Panaro River area. Co-ordination of interventions is entrusted to Coc, the Municipal Operations Centre. For civil defense, a single integrated operations room at Marsaglia is active.


Two other bridges in the Modena area are closed

The Curtaton Bridge over the Tibido Stream and the Navicello Vecchio Bridge over Panaro via the branch of Provincial Road 255, under the province's responsibility, are also closed.