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Weather: This is the time when autumn will come in all its intensity

Weather: This is the time when autumn will come in all its intensity

Weather that is still waiting for fall

Even though fall has been on the calendar for some time, we can still expect a series of changes in the weather. Although the season began on September 1, according to the international agreement, the weather conditions during the past few weeks certainly did not reflect common expectations.

Autumn potential that we haven’t seen yet

The weather changes and bad weather arrives

the Real change ⁢It’s still hard to see in the weather. Bad weather, with all its might, will hit our regions sooner or later. It is likely that during the latter part of October, we will see the full potential of these weather conditions. This year in particular, after all the heat we are experiencing, the danger is that a series of very extreme weather events will occur.

No matter the severity of potential storms, an early fall is certainly necessary and failure to occur could have serious repercussions. This season offers a variety of interesting weather conditions that may surprise us.

From hot to cold: climate changes in autumn

Autumn weather can vary greatly, from bad weather to good weather, from cold to hot flares, and finally from hot to cold. This season offers a wide range of weather conditions. We can see, even at the end of the month, the last heat waves of the African anticyclone, but also the first cold waves of the season.

Cold waves and the possibility of snowfall

Cold waves may appear later, in the second half of November. When we talk about hail, we are referring to the type of hail that can bring snow even at very low elevations. Snowfall in the mountains at this time of year is completely normal, and it would be unusual for the opposite to happen. However, recent years have taught us that nothing can be taken for granted.

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Autumn to try it with enthusiasm

For all these reasons, the autumn that we are still waiting for is certainly one that we should live with enthusiasm. Of course, we hope that bad weather will not cause hydrogeological problems.

The hope of a non-violent autumn

As we know, autumn disturbances can cause serious damage and risks to residents, so it is necessary to prepare and follow weather reports.