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NASA Psyche: The mission will launch on October 12 due to a problem


A NASA conference will be held on October 11 to showcase samples collected on the asteroid Bennu, for the first time since Earth, by NASA’s OSIRIS-REx mission (now known as OSIRIS-APEx). The next day will be the launch turn NASA’s psychological mission Which will always have its purpose asteroid But this time without bringing heroes to our planet.

This mission was not particularly successful, Risk cancellation In the last few months because Serious problems And limit NASA budget. In June last year, a problem was found in the software, which required a delay of about a year to prepare the solution, conduct tests and have a new launch window. In July 2022, an independent review was announced to understand whether the mission is still scientifically valid or should be invested in other directions. In March of this year, the decision to continue, with an upward correction of the budget, was announced. problem “last minute” However, the launch has been delayed by a few days.

NASA Psyche: The launch to the asteroid postponed from October 5 to 12

Just when everything seemed ready for launch on a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket (the center booster would not be recovered, while the side boosters would be recovered), one final problem set in motion… NASA self launch From October 5 to October 12. The news was posted on the mission’s official blog while preparations were underway to integrate the payload atop the space rocket.

NASA psychology

As mentioned At the end of this September launch It was scheduled in 4.16pm on 12 October (Italian time) from Launch Complex 39A to Kennedy Space Center due to final inspection by NASA engineers in Nitrogen cryogenic thrusters from NASA’s Psychic Space Probe.

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In particular, it will be about validating the control parameters and managing the operating temperature of these maneuvering thrusters. This is not trivial as the nitrogen thrusters are used to make orbital adjustments and correctly direct the spacecraft towards scientifically relevant regions. Trouble the latter can actually make NASA’s psychological mission It is difficult (if not impossible) to manage.

NASA psychology

These days NASA The behavior of the thrusters was verified through some simulations as well as tuning parameters and reviewing flight procedures. The launch window will open on October 12 and close on October 25, with a certain period of time to get everything done right. We remember that NASA self It will go towards A Metallic asteroid The probe will be able to arrive in August 2029. In the meantime, A flew by Mars to exploit the planet’s gravitational slingshot. The duration of the mission will be 26 months. The probe will orbit several times aroundAsteroid psychology First choosing more distant orbits, then closer orbits, and finally moving away from the surface.


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