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It sounds like a healthy food but it’s not at all: it’s a carcinogen and you don’t know it


It sounds healthy but it’s not: food to avoid –

In this article, we are talking about a food that may seem harmless, but in fact, it is not. In fact, it can cause cancer

Nutrition is one of the things that a human being should do Take extra care of yourself to stay healthy. Human physical health depends not only on nutrition, but also on mental health. It’s a matter of energy: Eating healthy foods means providing your body with the right fuel, so it can face the day’s various obligations.

It is clear that there are foods that are classified as fast food and it is better to avoid them, because they can contribute to the development of diseases in the body. Eating healthy and being physically active during the day are priority habits to stay healthy and fit. On the other hand, we know it very well: if you are not healthy, you will not be able to do many things and for this reason, research Proper nutritional balance is essential.

Keep in mind that good nutrition consists of eating fresh, natural, unadulterated foods that are less processed. Therefore, it is recommended to eat a little canned food. Avoid foods that contain preservatives, fried. It is best to prefer steamed, grilled and baked foods and avoid refined foods. Then, know yourself well about those foods that may seem to be good for you, but may actually be harmful. Here’s one you’ll never imagine.

It looks like a healthy food but is carcinogenic: what is it?

Among the foods that are best avoided, as we mentioned, there are those processed foods that can be carcinogenic.

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Türkiye Spanking Danger
Turkey breast is a processed food and therefore unhealthy –

As oncologist Mattia Garutti explains in a video posted on TikTok, there are some foods that you would never imagine could be carcinogenic, and yet they are. The doctor explains that some of the foods that cause cancer according to IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) are turkey breast. The fact is that these cold cuts are part of what is called cured, processed and preserved meat. Like turkey breast, various cured meats are preserved, from mortadella to salami and cooked ham.

IARC has linked consumption of processed meat to Increase in the development of tumorsEspecially with regard to the digestive system. The hypothesis is that this is due to the fact that it contains nitrite and heme iron. So what to do? Well, the best thing you can do is limit consumption as much as possible. So, instead of eating it twice a week, eat it once in a while.


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