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Weather, temperature and phase changes.  Giuliachi: First anticyclone then cold

Weather, temperature and phase changes. Giuliachi: First anticyclone then cold

There are those who speak of polar and arctic winds, however, there are also those who predict the arrival of an anticyclone and a phase, therefore, it is nothing but winter. But what is the truth? Colonel Mario Giuliachi, in a video posted on Youtube, explains what we can expect in the next few days and clarifies the situation. Today, Sunday, January 21, will be the last day in the “Company of Cold Streams.” Then, between the 22nd and 26th of the month, Italy will be “embraced by the Azores anticyclone”. What does this mean? “Increasing temperatures, no rain, snow in the Alps, weak fog in the mid-north” is expected between the 24th and 26th.

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But this trend will not last long because, as the Atmospheric Physicist explains, between January 27 and February 3, “cold currents will probably return to Italy, which will bring light snow to the Mid-South between January 3 and February 3. Molise, Abruzzo, Campania, In Lucania and Calabria”, he promised. What filters at temperature? “Highest temperatures in the north will be between 5 and 7 degrees until January 23, 10 and 15 degrees until January 26, then below 10 degrees from January 28 to February 3.” However, in the centre, “temperatures will initially be below 10 degrees till January 22, then 11 and 13 degrees till January 27, then again below 10 degrees till February 3”. In the south, “13, 15 degrees” early until January 25. “Then, here too, 10, 15 degrees below,” he concluded.

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