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Controversy over appointment of Di Fusco, theater of Rome.  Schlein: 'For Meloni, culture is a question of seats' – News

Controversy over appointment of Di Fusco, theater of Rome. Schlein: 'For Meloni, culture is a question of seats' – News

“Ours is a purely formal responsibility, otherwise we would continue with a 'failed' foundation without an administrative and artistic management system., very important. And it would be a prejudice to the theater of Rome and the city it represents”. Thus, in ANSA, After the controversy over the appointment of a new general director of the Di Fusco Foundation and a split in the board of directors, the Teatro di Roma's vice president, Danilo del Caizo. “I hope that justice and common sense will prevail and the parties will meet,” he underlines.

“We have already expressed our opinion on the legality of the continuation of work. It involves the continuation of a meeting unanimously decided by the board of directors in the presence of all the members – he reiterates. A councilor, not even the chairman, is likely to adjourn it. This is a legal issue”, he notes. “The theme of the opportunity is determined by the fact that the foundation cannot function without a general director. It is something foreseen by law and it was always highlighted even in the previous meetings of the board of directors – del Caiso – adds. It is necessary to complete the programming to be sent to the Ministry”. After Capitol's words, move beyond debates? “Of course – he says -. I believe that justice and common sense will prevail, and the parties will meet – the vice-president answers – and in the board of directors, continue the orderly discussion of the topics and the orderly continuation of the Foundation's activities”. “I believe that we must talk, think and find a meeting, I believe and believe in this – Del Gaizo underlines – but I do not make a political assessment because it is not my job”.

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The Secretary of the Democratic Party intervenes in the matter Ellie Schlein After his party announced an urgent question to Culture Minister Sangiuliano. “Ownership in government, whether national or regional, always has the same preoccupation: Hold positions, promote friends, control country structures through one's men. If we do this in an insulting manner to the culture, it means that we have crossed the threshold of caution. What happened in the Teatro di Roma also raises concerns and worries about the circumstances of this real explosion.”

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“Today I had to represent to the Board of Directors and the Audit Board of the Teatro di Roma my opposition – from what I have said – carried out in reference to Luca di Fusco”. He declares it The president of the Teatro di Roma, Francesco Siciliano, protested in a note against certain decisions to crush his privileges and against certain details regarding the contract for the new general director. “I have invited all the councilors and mayors to intervene and withdraw from the above described intention, otherwise – he warns – all actions will be evaluated”.

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“I will not go into the merits of Di Fusco's qualities,” explains Siciliano. “But I must go to the merits of the approach in relation to the comparative agreement. In fact, I was told that the board of directors, in an objectively unprecedented move, decided to delegate the power to sign the contract with Luca di Fusco (as the theater's new general director) to another member of the board of directors. than me. And it is my legal prerogatives as the Chairman of the Trust, although the Board of Directors must respect my function – which cannot be changed – as the legal representative of the Trust and, in general, as the person responsible for carrying out the decisions of the Board of Directors” .
“But this is not the only – Siciliano continues -. From what I was told, the Board of Directors, although it did not determine the duration of Luca di Fusco's appointment or the corresponding remuneration, seems to have been entrusted to someone. The bare representatives of the members of the Board of Directors with the task of identifying similar basic parameters”.
“More serious – a five-year contract with 150 thousand euro compensation (in addition to the director's fee) seems to be assumed. The normal three-year plan of any theater and, moreover, it would be suitable for any reasonable limit. Luca di Fusco is not a director and a manager. And from a theater comes, it is comparable to Catania, the theatre.Given the size of the Rome business, from which he receives about 68 thousand euros in compensation.
The compensation is almost three times higher than the reference value of Luca di Fusco (which he accepted for his previous role), therefore without any justification and represents a damage to the resources of the Teatro di Roma, which we remember. 6. half a million from the municipality of Rome and more than a million from the region of Lazio”.

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