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Meghan Markle, Duchess to President of the United States

M.Egon Markle Getting ready to cruise around Washington. He said this while talking to activist Gloria Steinem A conversation widely covered by the media. The two women, who faced equal rights and politics, commented on the recent ruling US Supreme Court About abortion. The aforementioned “trip to Washington” would help press for the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment in the political heartland of the country. But most people don’t miss it deep meaning This statement: Meghan Markle really Who knew he intended to enter politics and become the President of the United States.

Royal family expert Russell Myers is convinced we’ll see Meghan Markle from here on out. He became increasingly involved in political campaigns. Journalist Dan Wootton Daily Mail As relations with Buckingham Palace became increasingly strained, he recalled the reassurance he received from one of the Duchess’s closest collaborators in 2019: “I think there’s something else underneath. Maybe there’s an intention to enter politics in America. I believe the royal family is just a stepping stone For something he considers very interesting and important ».

According to people in the know, former actress Meghan Markle has become a duchess after a few years now. He fancies himself as one of the most important American political figures. In fact, she may be the first female president of the United States.

Since leaving Britain, he has been involved in some political activities, such as advocacy Paid leave and women’s rights in the workplace. The latest claim from the US Supreme Court decision seemed even more eloquent and impossible today than a few years ago (ie the nomination of Meghan Markle in the ranks of the US Democratic Party). It seems very plausible.

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The words sound like green light Valerie Biden OwensSister of the current President, on air Good morning Britain Judged the Duchess’s political ambitions as “achievable”: “Of course, his presidential bid is possible. It is great to have women in politics. The more, the better the democracy works. Meghan Markle is welcome and invited to join the Democratic Party“. It cannot be something that is said: Valerie Biden Owens is a longtime politicianIn addition to playing a minor role in her brother’s last election campaign, she was decisive in 2008 when Obama chose her as his vice president.

With the image of Biden and the Democrats somewhat tarnished in public opinion, instead of Kamala Harris, against Trump, who can return with all due respect. Meghan Markle seems more than a disposable name for the next election campaigns And an ideal role for the 2028 presidential election. Today it is said to be a huge amount, but initially even Donald Trump’s name seemed like a joke.

Meanwhile there is no bar for filing nominationThe Duchess of Sussex will be ready For the hard blows an election campaign can dish out? For example, there are some risks The problem of bullied colleagues: Who makes sure that sooner or later they won’t be there Embarrassing expressions? Other viewers focus on Meghan Markle’s personal life, in particular First husband Trevor Engelson, which has always kept a low profile since its divorce in 2013. But you know that The media is known to be very good at saying things that should never be said.

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