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Weather Report – Heavy thundershowers, squalls and hail will occur on May 1.  It will rain again on Thursday.  Situation and evolution in the next 48 hours.  « 3B Weather

Weather Report – Heavy thundershowers, squalls and hail will occur on May 1. It will rain again on Thursday. Situation and evolution in the next 48 hours. « 3B Weather

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ORE 8:00 – Identifies clear cloud cover from satellite imagery Low pressure spiral From the Balearics. The minimum is located west of Corsica and the disturbed front associated with the minimum stands out in an arcuate shape from the Sardinia Channel to the central Tyrrhenian regions and northwestern Italy. Showers and thunderstorms Internally serious and with it Sleet Sardinia, Tuscany, Umbria (Spoleto) and northwest with 35/40mm accumulated since Tuesday evening. Other showers and thunderstorms during the night mainly affected Sardinia, Liguria and Piedmont. During these hours there are thunderstorms in Sardinia, Lazio, Tuscany, Western Emilia, Piedmont and Liguria. 50 mm in the upper Piedmont. Eastern regions are also affected A highly sterile cloud And edges without significant events but not for long.

during the day At least it will rise again Gradually towards France, it dragged its extreme disturbances northward and eastward. So we will attend in the afternoon Severity of events Lombardy, Triveneto, Eastern Emilia and Romagna until the extension of the storms in these hours already affected areas and by the evening. Even strong events The next night. The middle-lower Adriatic and the far south in general are more protected due to the Apennine barrier. A similar situation will repeat itself that day Jupiter is the second serious obstacle It flows through almost all our regions. Evolution is accompanied by drops in temperature, even extremes, and turbulent or strong cyclonic winds. Let's take a look at the weather for the next few hours and Thursday.

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Wednesday's weather in the next hours: Nord, in north-west and west Emilia from morning to bad weather associated with rain and thunderstorms and localized hail. In the evening it worsens in Lombardy, the rest of Emilia Romagna and the north-east with strong events during the day and night. Center, showers and thunderstorms and thunderstorms, associated with localized hail, worsen rapidly over Tyrrhenian areas from morning. Showers and thunderstorms will develop towards the Adriatic between afternoon and evening, less along the coast but still stronger inland. Suth, gradual progress in Sardinia after storms, even the strongest ones, during the night and early morning hours, rapid transport of rain in Sicily. Heavy rain and thunderstorms in Campania towards Molise and northern Puglia in the afternoon. Greater variation in Calabria, especially Ionian Calabria and Salento. temperature In steep decline starting from the westernmost parts. Wendy Tensile or strong with cyclonic circulation. Marie The western basins in particular are highly displaced or agitated.

Weather Thursday: Nord, widespread inclement weather with rain and thunderstorms, strong in the Alps, pre-Alps, foothills and high plains, but locally strong in low plains as well. A trend towards sunny from the south in the afternoon. Center, rain and thunderstorms and bad weather with thunderstorms will expand in the nature of cloudburst but in a more weak form for the Adriatic regions. A trend towards greater variability from the west in the afternoon. Suth, alternating with intermittent rain and thundery sunshine in Sardinia, strong thunderstorms in Sicily, Campania and Tyrrhenian Calabria even from the afternoon. Isolated thunderstorms in the low Adriatic also between afternoon and evening. The ionic band is more accommodating. temperature And decreases everywhere. Wendy Strong with cyclonic circulation. Marie Highly wavy or internally agitated.

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