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Weather report – heavy rain and the Alps buried in snow again, already 70cm.  Photos and Videos + Forecast « 3B Meteo

Weather report – heavy rain and the Alps buried in snow again, already 70cm. Photos and Videos + Forecast « 3B Meteo

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1.00pm – Over 70cm of snow and 100mm of rain – Heavy rain and heavy snow in the Alps and pre-Alps in early March continues this Sunday. We have now reached 100mm of rain in the Piedmont plains and fresh snow in the Alps has already topped 60/70cm from 1200/1300m.

11.30am – Heavy snow, over half a metre – While the rain continues, some parts of the Piedmont already have more than 80 mm of rain, the full protagonist of this eleventh phase of bad weather is snow. New code Already 50cm in the Alps At a moderate altitude, around 1300/1400m. Many places like Makunaka They actually exist was buried Residents with many difficulties.

And Cold wind rush Formation of Atlantic lineages in the western Mediterranean A A deep low pressure minimum Between the Balearics and the Gulf of Lion. there trouble Associated with the vortex already on Saturday evening and during the night between Liguria and Piedmont there was a lot of rain and thunderstorms, but the most active part of the front only started to act during these hours. Since midnight, significant accumulations with peaks of 50 mm have already been recorded in the Biella region, Verbano region and Alessandria region. In the Alps Snow Cat Abundant Especially in the Aosta Valley sections there is already accumulation New over 30 cm We are only at the beginning.

Over the next few hours Precipitation will intensify Further northwest and into the evening they extend to the rest of the north and part of the center, mainly Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio. It is expected to rain till 120/150mm in Piedmont Genoese inland have even higher peaks, up to 100/120 mm in the north and Liguria. But it will be Snow To make bigger ones Important issues Because he is You accumulate New in the Western Alps (Grey and Lefontaine) They can be over a meter It is going to overlap with the already huge accumulations of recent days. In the spring, much fresh snow becomes covered Very unstable And can give a raise Large avalanches. So this aspect has maximum attention because we will try not to underestimate it The danger is there and will be marked. In addition to rain, the weather will also be significant VentilationThe mid-northern Tyrrhenian Sea is already strong with peaks 90 km/h in Tuscany and 80 km/h in Liguria, storm expected throughout the day in western basins. Having said that, let's take a look at the forecast for the next few hours

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Sunday weather: Nord, Bad weather, heavy thundershowers and widespread rain fell in the north-west from morning. In the Western Alps between 900/1000m and 1200/1500m there is over a meter of snow by the end of the day. Rain intensifying in Lombardy from the afternoon/evening and snow in the related Alps and Apennines in Triveneto and Emilia Romagna at the end of the day. Center, very bad in Tuscany with heavy rain and thunderstorms in the afternoon. Umbria and Lazio will also experience locally heavy rain and thunderstorms between the afternoon and evening. Very moderate worsening over the Adriatic with weaker events at the end of the day or night. Suth, showers and localized thunderstorms worsen in the afternoon in Sardinia. Large intervals elsewhere with a trend towards rain and some thunderstorms in Campania and western Sicily towards the end of the day. temperature It decreases slightly in the north, remains stable or slightly increases in the center, and increases in the south. strong Rough seas and sciroccali A storm is brewing On exposed shores.

Here's the trend for next week

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