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Berlusconi: "We are a liberal and guaranteed center. Here is my revolution"

Berlusconi: “We are a liberal and guaranteed center. Here is my revolution”

Exactly one month before the polls on September 25, Silvio Berlusconi He continues his election plan tablets to explain to Italians what goals a center-right government with Forza Italia as one of its key elements wants to pursue. Il Cavaliere has decided not to engage in classic rallies because nowadays they have been shown to be ineffective in building consensus. Social media, Silvio Berlusconi’s tool of choice at the moment, on the other hand, allows you to reach a wider audience, anytime and anywhere, watching short clips that illustrate centre-right planned interventions. Infrastructure to give new impetus to the economy especially in the south. And this Bridge over the Straits of MessinaThe topic of Silvio Berlusconi’s daily pill, meanwhile he also gave an interview. Reformer.

Column tablet on the bridge over the strait

“The bridge connecting Calabria and Sicily,” explains Il Cavaliere.A Great work It is essential to make our country more united and modern, which has been discussed for years but unfortunately never accomplished.“Though that would benefit the local economic and social fabric.”I have always believed that the Bridge over the Straits is an absolute priority and one of the most important projects for our country. I haven’t changed my mind. The bridge is a top priority not only to connect Calabria and Sicily, but also to complete one of the main European rail and motorway transport corridors.“, Knight continues.

In previous Forza Italia-led governments, steps forward were taken in this sense, “In 2005, we reached an agreement with an international tender won by an Italian company“, explains Silvio Berlusconi. Today, the president of Forza Italia continues,”Had it not been blocked by two left-wing governments, the bridge would have been in place for many years already at a much lower cost than what we face now. This time They will not stop us. This is our plan, this is our commitment, and we will never fail“.

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Thus, Silvio Berlusconi concluded: “On September 25 we will go to the polls and assume the leadership of the country. Therefore, we can finally start the construction of the bridge connecting Sicily with Calabria, which brings benefits not only to these two regions, but to the whole of southern Italy.“Forza Italia project to allow bridge over strait”Finally, building the basic infrastructure for growth, from motorways to connectivity High speed trains, the motorways and railways that 11 million Italians are entitled to and have been waiting for years. I told you about one of the many reasons why you should vote for us, and you should vote for Forza Italia, which is a definite must.“.

Flat tax coverage

In an interview with Reformer Regarding financial security for Flat lineFinance,” explains Silvio Berlusconi.They come not only from cuts, but from the recovery of evasion and avoidance, inherent in the flat line, and above all from the growth mechanism that takes place.“. Obviously, this is not a plan to be implemented immediately because”It would be rhetorical and populist, which really does not belong to us“. The knight explained it.”Growth can trigger a virtuous cycle that is good for everyone, families, businesses, employment, and state revenues. I hope that in five years, but sooner, we will have achieved a real revolution“.

Flat tax is an effective tool to combat tax evasion. “We all think that if the government asks for a quarter of what we earn honestly and hard, from our jobs, to run services and help the needy, that is fine. If 50% is taken from us it feels like theft, if we have 60% it feels like theft, and more often than not, it feels like theft.“, explains Cavaliere. For this reason Forza Italia proposes”23% Rate: Risking heavy penalties, which we will increase among others, saving so little really doesn’t make sense. It is because of this that the same tax is levied everywhere, which exposes evasions and is very overwhelming. And being a very simple system, anti-circulation tests are easy“.

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Salvini and Meloni and the alliance with Europeanism

Silvio Berlusconi explains that despite their differences with Giorgia Meloni and Matteo Salvini, they get along. “We are Partners, indeed, but we started out differently, with different histories and political cultures. If we all agree, we will be one party. There is nothing in the Italian center-right that can be compared to extremist or sovereign parties in other European countriesSilvio Berlusconi repeated.

The hero chose to include the note in his symbol European People’s PartyBecause it defines our identity: centre, Christian and liberal, guarantor and pro-European, alternative to the left and different from our allies on the right. The only viable center with a real political role“.