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USA, Pro-Trump Journalist Steve Baker Arrested: “He Participated in Attack on Capitol Hill”.  He: “I was a freelancer”

USA, Pro-Trump Journalist Steve Baker Arrested: “He Participated in Attack on Capitol Hill”. He: “I was a freelancer”

Steve Baker, a journalist for the conservative US network Blaze Media, was arrested by the FBI on Friday. He is accused of taking part in an attack on Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021, when thousands of supporters of former President Donald Trump stormed the congressional headquarters in Washington to contest the election victory of Joe Biden. […]

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Steve BakerJournalist for the conservative American Network Blaze Mediawas Arrest Friday by the FBI. The charge against him is that he participated in itAn attack on Capitol Hill On January 6, 2021, thousands of supporters of the former president Donald Trump Joe Biden stormed Congressional headquarters in Washington to protest the outcome of the election. Baker has, according to officials participated Actively Raid, along with the crowd, stayed in the building for more than half an hour before being evicted by agents: he announced live on local television “ExcitingHe fully approved of what was happening and the actions of Trump supporters. Through his lawyer, Baker says he only participated in the riot Freelance journalist And he was inside the Capitol Shoot videosLater sold The New York Times and to the network HBO. The reporter, in fact, is He started working steadily for Blaze Media It was only after the events on Capitol Hill that it published several articles of concern Official version of attack. He is currently facing four charges including House breaking and “disorderly conduct.”

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In a video released by his newspaper, Baker can be seen being led out of the editorial office Two policemen, with hands locked behind the back. Identified before the court Dallas, released on bail immediately: next hearing on March 14. “I don't appreciate itIntentional humiliation I was subjected to it. There is no reason to bring me before the court with my hands tied,” he opined. In America The arrest sparked controversy Freedom of press and its limits and boundaries: the second Glenn BeckFounder of Blaze Media and former political commentator Fox News, “those in positions of power are ready to react when faced with stories that deviate even slightly from the official version”. Baker's Guardian, William Shipley“The Judiciary spoke rather than acted Chosen e target Against a conservative writer.” However, the case is not isolated: in recent months two journalists, David Medina and Owen Shroyer, were arrested for participating in events on Capitol Hill, and the second was sentenced to sixty days in prison.