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Weather forecast, “heat storm” begins: tropical nights, temperatures up to 47 degrees

Weather forecast, “heat storm” begins: tropical nights, temperatures up to 47 degrees

Today begins the week of Charon, a powerful African anticyclone that, like Dante’s infernal guardian, takes us into the heart of summer. A veritable “hot storm” will depart with Charon; An exceptional heat storm. Antonio SanoFounder of the site has no doubts. Sharon’s Super Place of Heat has what it takes Broke some historical heat records like Rome.

These days the capital of Italy is already 34-35 degrees Celsius hot, but Today it should reach 37 degrees Celsius40°C and even on Monday Tuesday 42-43°C; So it will be a record (previously 40 degrees Celsius). “This is not a coincidence method“, Sanò continues, “he asked me for information about developments in the city of Rome, calling it the Infernal City”.

Heat is suffocating Europe. And the Times decrees: “Rome is a hellish city.”

By Veronica Stigliani

But the heat will hit other cities hard too; 39-40°C is expected across the Po Valley Bologna, Ferrara, Padua, Mantua, Pavia, Alessandria, Milan “only” 37°C but with stellar humidity rates and record late temperatures.
Even through the urban heat island, over 30°C will persist until midnight 38-41°C in the Mid-South As Florence, Perugia, Caserta, Bari, Catanzaro, Palermo. However, much higher peaks can be reached Sardinia (up to 47°C in zones
Southern interiors, especially in Decimomannu in the Cagliari region, Sicily (45-46°C) and Puglia (45°C in Foggia).

In addition to extreme heat, you will have to deal with high humidity, which can worsen conditions of physical discomfort. An inconvenience that endangers the health of the most vulnerable people, such as the elderly and children. But if the weather during the day
It is hot at night, very hot.

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Tropical nights are expected with Charon, meaning temperatures won’t drop below 20-24°C. Beware of phenomenon of release of accumulated heat in large and urbanized cities.
Temperatures up to 30 degrees Celsius are expected from roads and buildings until almost midnight.

Finally, a note on the exceptional temperatures of the oceans; 30°C is already measured at the surface, a tropical condition from the Libyan Sea.