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A blitz against the Mafia and those arrested in Palermo are interrogated by the families of bosses who received money from Cosa Nostra.

A blitz against the Mafia and those arrested in Palermo are interrogated by the families of bosses who received money from Cosa Nostra.

A blow to the mafia in its historical way. On Monday 17 July, the Carabinieri Palermo Passed 20 pre-trial detention orders, including 7 in jail, vs bosses, Collectively, extortionists and facilitators. Also, for the first time in a Mafia investigation, investigators competed Family members Some of the bosses who have been jailed are those who have collected money earned by the clan for family maintenance and the crime of the mafia boss who is in jail. recipe.

Porta Nueva district is affected

The Carabinieri of the Intelligence Unit of the Operational Department of Palermo, during the ‘Vincolo’ operation, were taken over. 20 Pre-trial restraining ordersfrom which 7 people in jail, 2 of residential obligations And 11 of duties to submit to judicial policeAgainst bosses, followers, extortionists and instigators.

Coordinated inquiry by District Anti-Mafia Directorate (DDA) of Palermo led by the lawyer Mauritius Delucia, Attacked the mafia order New door.

Porta Nuova district in Palermo

Crimes charged for various reasons, in additionmafia association, I:

  • Mafia association;
  • extortion;
  • Transportation And dealing with Off Narcotics;
  • Help and encouragement;
  • recipe;
  • Illegal carrying of arms.

All these crimes are bad Mafia style.

Offense of receiving stolen goods for family members of employers: This is the first time

The operation, dubbed ‘vincolo’, is the latest chapter in a long-running investigation for two years In the Mafia district of Porta Nuova.

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The eavesdropping, Apart from the activities carried out by the suspects, it was based on obtaining elements that confirm the full operation of one of the richest and most active mafia orders in Palermo.

In particular, it was possible to identify 7 bosses of the Porta Nueva and Palermo Centro families, who continued to support the clan and its bosses arrested in recent months, finding the extortionists of an entrepreneur in sports betting. Dept.

And, for the first time in a Mafia investigation, as Anza underscored, investigators competed against each other. Family members A jailed mafia boss and some incarcerated bosses who collected money earned by clans for family maintenance. Receiving stolen goods is a crime.

God’s kinsmen will have acquired in time, Large sums Mafiosi at liberty, according to an ancient rule Cosa NostraReserved for the maintenance of inmates and their families. Preventive forfeiture of amounts.

Who are the suspects?

These are 7 arrested:

  • Massimo Mule, 51 years old;
  • Ivan Parino, 44 years old;
  • Alexander Adam, 31 years old;
  • Antonino Pisano, 37 years old;
  • David DeFiore, 28 years;
  • Simon Abate 54 years old;
  • Alessandro Cutrona, 39 years old.

l’Residential Obligation However, in the municipality of residence and providing judicial police, it is triggered:

  • Redeemer Magdalene 61 years old;
  • John Magdalene, 58 years old.

l’Obligation to submit Judicial Police notified:

  • Vincent Wilde, 32 years old;
  • Joseph Campici, 26 years;
  • Joseph Civiletti, 43 years old;
  • Salvatore D’Atria, 43 years old;
  • Joseph Castelli 51 years old;
  • Angela Boscaino, 34 years;
  • Redeemer Fort, 41 years old;
  • Rita Massa, 43 years old;
  • Antoninus from John, 32 years old;
  • Maria Mercedes DiGiovanni40 years;
  • Francesca Paola Lo Presti 26 years.
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Judge for Preliminary Inquiries (JIP) Philip Serio 1500 Euros was also ordered to be forfeited against Redeemer Castle and 200 euros and Rita Massa.

Photo credit: ANSA