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Mistakes on the Covid pandemic - Il Tempo

Mistakes on the Covid pandemic – Il Tempo

At the first news of the mysterious epidemic in Wuhan, the United States must launch an intelligence operation in China to gain more knowledge about the virus and an understanding of its danger. A new report from the House Intelligence Committee, led by Democrats, points to a lack of covert intelligence operations when Covid emerged in China in late 2019 and early 2020. It concludes that the U.S. intelligence services lacked “the general ability to deal with the emergence of an epidemic.” In early January 2020, US intelligence was aware of the virus, but at that time Beijing did not have the time or “level of concern” to organize an intelligence operation to gather information that had not leaked to the world. “The intelligence community needs to improve its efficiency in analyzing vast amounts of data to identify unusual trends in health measures that may indicate a disease remains undiscovered or is being covered up by health authorities,” the report concludes.

In his introduction, Democrat Adam Schiff, who will chair the commission until January when a new Republican majority takes office, says that “the intelligence in 2020 is not ready to provide an early warning or an overall view of the pandemic.” However, long before then-President Donald Trump decided to declare a national emergency in March 2019, it was recognized that the 007s had issued “clear and consistent warnings” in January and February of that year.

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