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“We are the first force of the European center-right, so we arrive safely at the end of the assembly” –

“We are the first force of the European center-right, so we arrive safely at the end of the assembly” –

On Sunday Meloni will announce his candidacy for leadership in all 5 constituencies at the Fratelli d'Italia event in Pescara. League president Salvini will be absent due to “commitments”, while Forza president Italia Tajani will attend.

From our correspondent
Pescara – For several weeks the directors of the “story” of Palazzo Sigi were preparing waiting for the smallest details. So Giorgia Meloni arrived in Pescara as night had already fallen on the blue tents set up in front of the beach.

Cameras are off, microphones are off and ministers are dressed in sea and land restaurants. Peace, today “Georgia” speaks. LFor a leader running for office in Europe despite having no intention of sitting on a bench in Strasbourg, the FdI organization has booked all the hotels on the beach. However, to put aside the magazines and be quiet for a few hours, He slept at Francavilla Al Mar, a resort with a spa. At 11.45 he will take the stage for the agenda briefing Dissolve the existence with all the trappings of duty.

Antonio Tajani will be sitting in the front row. Matteo Salvini's chair will be vacant instead. As the president of all five constituencies, the Prime Minister asked two of his representatives to attend the inauguration of his race. But they will see the leader of the club only on video. “Maybe he doesn't want to appear subservient to Georgia?”, the Meloniers ask themselves.

But most believe Salvini will quit because of the tensions unleashed in his party by the candidacy of Roberto Vannacci. The infrastructure minister had announced to his colleagues during the last cabinet meeting that he would not be in Pescara “because of my involvement with my daughter”. Yet another tear. A sign that Salvini is risking everything. “He didn't run because he risked getting one-fifth of Georgia's vote.”, prompting a government representative. Drops of poison, finely distilled: “Northern League members have set a bar of 9% and if it goes below that he has to leave”.

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In a speech filed late into the night, the Prime Minister will state the results of the year-and-a-half, despite the two ongoing wars and the super-bonus “hit” in the public accounts. will wave the flags of The flexibility of the accounts and the reform of the Prime Minister's office he thinks he has achieved in Brussels, the “mother of all reforms”. It is said that Convinced that Italy was truly changing Europe with her And “earned its rightful place among the great.” This was evidenced by trips to Tunis and Cairo with Ursula van der Leyen, which laid the foundations for the Prime Minister “for a new approach to combating migrant smuggling”.

He will campaign mainly from his office in Palazzo Sigi, should not give the impression that she is ready to boycott the country's government in order to exceed the 26% she got in politics. However The leadership of the G7 already gives it maximum visibility and media resonanceSeen with the announcement that Pope Francis will be in Borgo Egnatia (front) in June.

Ministers won't run, and neither will their sister AriannaYar likes to call himself “a soldier” but meanwhile is familiar with the public scene.

The Prime Minister's staff is still undecided How many rallies will Maloney hold before June 8?. Maybe five, maybe two: we're talking about a city to choose between Rome and Bologna and Verona. The topics in the memorandum will be mainly Italian and there will be no “electoral” trips abroad, except those already foreseen in Palazzo Sigi's organizational agenda.

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As for coalitions, the most observant Melonians doubt the prime minister will allow himself to be “caged” into the confines of the European far-right. He will speak at a Vox event in mid-May, but he will speak via video link and not in person. A new “Marbella case” with tones of “I'm Georgian, I'm a woman, I'm a mother, I'm a Christian” would not be a good starting point to consider when choosing a leader. The new president of the European Union Commission. Strategy? Be as polarizing as possible by fighting Ellie Schlein, turning the challenge into a referendum on the government and prime minister. “I'm passionate about consensus,” is his mantra.

The goal is to ensure the strength of the ruling coalition, but above all to get on the podium “Europe's first centre-right party”, with 25 MEPs in the new parliament. “At that time – he told his faithful – the road will be all downhill. We will arrive safely at the end of the assembly, taking Piedmont with us.

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