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Weather, a new African heat wave is coming – The Chronicle

The first week of August will be characterized by a new wave of African heat brought by an anticyclone, which will assert itself with increasing vigor in our country day by day.. Although it will start warming up from this Monday, temperatures will struggle to rise significantly due to north-easterly winds, which will limit the increase.

It will begin to take shape from Wednesday 3rd and peak between Thursday 4th August and Sunday 7th. Antonio Sano, director and founder of the site www.iLMeteo.iD warns that the next seven days will pass with good weather in almost all areas. The sun prevails and only in the Triveneto Alps, especially in the border areas, occasional light rain or fast heat storms may occur from the afternoon.

The progress of the African anticyclone will be gradual, in fact it will first reach the central regions, then the northern and finally the southern regions. As it does so, the temperature will immediately begin to heat up in the core With 35-36 ° C expected immediately in Florence, Rome and Terni. Then this step will also be achieved North like Milan, Bologna, Mantua, Padua. There will be a further increase in heat from the middle of the week and here it is 38°C in Florence, Rome, Bologna, Milan, Padua, 39°C in Pavia, Terni, and 40°C in the inland areas of Sardinia.

Only in the south, in the inland areas of Sicily (like Catenanua, in) do values ​​rarely reach this limit, although they are very warm. Enna province). This new and eleventh African flare-up can only subside at the end of the week, when the African anticyclone from northern Europe suffers a new attack.

Detail Monday 1. In the North: Prevailing Sun. Medium: Nice and warm weather. South: Clouds over mountains. Tuesday 2. In the North: Sunny and hot as usual. In the center: sun and sometimes intense heat. South: Sunny. Wednesday 3. In the North: Sun and rising heat. In the center: the sun and intense heat. In the South: Sunny, usually hot. trend. African anti-cyclone strong and strong, temperatures in mid-north up to 38-40°C

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