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Weather: February, the beginning can be shocking! A big news came out with the latest update.

Trend for FebruaryEarly February can be a shock! Until now, the winter has been very fluctuating in Italy and occurred recently A few cold interruptions, interruptions, however, a light respite for that period.
Many of you ask us: “Is winter already over?”. Well, the last word has not been said, on the contrary. Looking forward to the first part February Actually changing.

For heaven’s sake, there is nothing so paradoxical, on the contrary: from a climatic and statistical point of view, the second half of winter It is often full of surprises due to impressive meridian exchanges (from the North Pole to the Mediterranean basin) capable of disrupting the atmosphere.
Forecasts of major computing centers They begin to perceive interesting movements at the hemispheric level A strong mass of freezing air from Pole around February 5/6.
As we can see by looking at the map below, one could develop in Northern Europe Large frozen area Ready to pour into the heart of the old continent.The beginning of February is very coldThe beginning of February is very coldhypothesis More believable, this time, it is From February 5 This very cold air flow breaks into the Mediterranean basin, favoring its appearance CycloneA real one A winter storm Capable of inducing snowfall at very low altitudes.
If this is confirmed, we could be dealing with a period of concrete events at the atmospheric level, characterized among others by below-average temperatures.

It seems that even then there will be no boredom. In fact, from the last long-term update, it emerged that after the ice breakup expected in the first days of next month, everything could actually be reversed: in fact, unpopular. African resistance.
In short, we risk going from winter to spring in a matter of days. As always, we remind you that this is only a general trend. Let’s see if this is confirmed or new developments occur in the next weather updates.

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