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Riccione, two sisters killed by train crossing tracks.  Giulia Pisanu 17, Alessia 15

Riccione, two sisters killed by train crossing tracks. Giulia Pisanu 17, Alessia 15

The people who were standing on the platform of the railway station at 7 o’clock yesterday morning faced a terrible scene. Riccione. A train At high speed, it engulfed two Bolognese sisters, aged 15 and 17, on their way from Pescara to Milan: Alessia and Giulia Pisanu. A Saturday night’s mild heartbreak in the city of youth fun. “We are speechless in front of this tragedy, which is very difficult to understand and accept, and we feel uncontrollable pain”, we read on the community page of the municipality of Castenazo, where two young women who attended high schools in the district live.


The victim’s father owns a moving company in the village of Madonna de Castenazo. The family lives near the church. On hearing the sad news, the man rushed to Riccione with his brother and friend. The two girls traveled back home together. Once at the bath, the shocked parents were taken to the mortuary for identification.

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The most likely hypothesis is an inadvertent crossing of the tracks, when Freesia Rosa appeared at the station like a rocket that did not include stops in the city of Romagna. The railway police immediately turned their attention to analyzing the video surveillance footage after collecting the testimonies of some of the people present. The manager of the station bar overlooking the platform where the tragedy took place is very clear.

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He told local television stations that he had first contact with one of the two sisters at 6.40am while he was busy dispensing drinks, still in shock. Then a woman dressed in black approached him and told him that her phone had been stolen. After leaving, the young woman joined her sister a few meters away, carrying her shoes. “I saw that they wanted to take a different route,” the witness said. Except for the train which was standing at platform no.2. “I started screaming.” Others started doing it with him. “I heard the whistle of a train going to Milan. I felt a big blow – the bartender said -. All the people started screaming ».

Buyers’ Assumptions

However, this version of the facts raises a question: Why would the two have decided to cross the line when the other saw a stationary train as a very long insurmountable obstacle? The stories collected by the investigators will now be crossed with the images of the cameras. Among the hypotheses of the investigators, there is the possibility of an extreme gesture by one of the two sisters, trying to save her with the other, or a fight in the cave that ended badly.

Castenazzo’s mayor, Carlo Gupelini, told the ambassador that there were no family problems and that “sudden tragedy” was the most likely hypothesis. It is not yet clear whether the women joined a party of friends once they reached their destination. Sure enough, yesterday morning they were alone at Riccione Station. Train traffic was disrupted for a few hours yesterday morning.