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“We will cut taxes in half if they return to Italy.”  Government action plan

“We will cut taxes in half if they return to Italy.” Government action plan

Fifty percent lower taxes if companies return to Italy. This is the strategy outlined by Deputy Economy Minister Maurizio Liu. The relief was found in the Legislative Decree on International Taxes that was initially approved by the Council of Ministers on Monday, October 16. There are several new features regarding the implementation of financial authorization. from Resettlement From enterprise to system supported for i Working workers Who move to Italy for tax purposes. Here’s the news.

Cut your withdrawals in half

The new law stipulates that tax duties will be cut in half for companies that choose to return to Belize. The executive has defined a precise strategy to favor Italian companies that have left their territory in the past to go abroad. In this regard, the Deputy Minister of Economy stated: “We want to bring companies that have gone abroad back to Italy, this is essential. Companies enter Tax havens Thus, we bring them back to Italy and expect a 50% lower tax rate. At the same time, we bring in those multinational companies that locate their companies abroad and therefore pay little tax“.

Facilitated system

In addition to the measure that favors companies, the Legislative Decree on International Taxation stipulates that employees or self-employed persons financially resident in Italy will be able to enjoy… Supported system Brand new as of 2024 which can last up to five years. In addition to this, Global minimum tax This makes concrete the second pillar of tax reform adopted on a global scale and stipulates the inclusion of a minimum tax of 15% for multinational companies.

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Relocation concerns the voluntary choice made by a company to move all or part of its production activities or supplies to a different country from the one to which they were previously transferred. In this case, the strategy will be applied in Italy. there Resettlement In the matter, as can be seen from Article 5 of the draft legislative decree, it will be allowed Half of the IRES is taxable Or Irbiv depending on the situation and the rate. Furthermore, there will be incentives for commercial activities, arts and professions carried out in connection with and returning to Italy from a non-EU or non-EEA country. If you take advantage of this benefit and then, before five years have passed, choose to move again, the state will refund the amount benefit economic benefits from which the company benefited.