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Mobile Rewards, bad news for those who decide to use them in 2024

Mobile Rewards, bad news for those who decide to use them in 2024

There is some discouraging news for those who want to take advantage of the mobile phone bonus next year, let’s see the details.

Certainly, the budget law, approved by the Council of Ministers on October 16, introduced a series of… Very important changes from the tax plan to the Social Security plan. Just remember to readjust your Irpef brackets or advance payment for retirement benefits such as Opzione Donna or Quota 103.

Mobile Rewards, what will happen in 2024 – (

But also regarding the series of bonuses and tax breaks, there are changes that need to be emphasized. First of all, let’s remember Final rejection of super bonus For next year, due to the ever-increasing burden on public debt, which has already exceeded 90 billion euros. But also for the so-called Mobile Rewards Some news has emerged To consider it carefully.

Mobile bonuses, changes made to the budget law

Unfortunately, the need to contain expenditures, given the scarcity of reliable resources, prompted the government to take this decision Adjust discounts To get a furniture bonus for next year They will drop from the current 8 thousand euros to 5 thousand. It is still possible to get the refund which is still valid until December 31st.

Furniture bonuses, discount cuts
Mobile Rewards, Amendment to the Budget Law – (

Therefore, incentives for purchasing low-consumption appliances and home furnishings will be reduced, as we mentioned, and must be stopped completely at this point. Deadline 2024. The deduction is obtained during the Irpef tax return, which is equals 50%with Maximum spending 8 thousand euros in 2023 and 5 thousand next year.

Must have purchase of home appliances and furniture accessories Associated with renovation and maintenance works Of the construction shares is a mandatory condition, even if it is not linked to the total expenses incurred. Irpef discount is Divided into 10 annual installments The same amount is due to those who also cover the costs of the renovation work.

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A bonus is also available to those who decide to sell Credit tax Or directly Discount on invoice. They are also eligible for a discount Installment purchases Of household appliances or furniture, provided that the company providing the loan pays the amount in the same way. The discount is obtained if i Payments are made via traceable toolssuch as bank transfers, credit and debit cards.

Therefore, payment in cash or bank checks is not valid. Finally, you can buy wardrobes, desks, bookcases, chairs, beds, mattresses, lamps, cabinets, but not doors, curtains and blinds in general, flooring such as parquet and the like. Always make sure Invoices and payment certificates.