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In Paterno, the average per capita income is €14,271

In Paterno, the average per capita income is €14,271

According to data from the Ministry of Economy and Finance on income for 2022, the average per capita value in the municipality of Paterno is 14,271 euros. This puts Paterno well below the national average income.

Income trend in Italy: 5% growth

While Italy's average gross income registered a 5% growth compared to the previous year, reaching €20,039, Paterno did not follow the trend, placing itself well below the national average.

Sicily: the top seven cities of the province of Catania

In the Sicily region, the top seven cities with the highest income are located in the province of Catania. Sant'Agata li Battiati comes at the top with €28,051, followed by San Gregorio (€28,051), Asi Castello (€25,751), Tremisteri (€24,291), Viagrande (€22,980), Trecastagne (€22,629) and Valverde (€22,190). euro).

Regional Capital Municipalities of Sicily: Palermo in the lead

Among the regional capital municipalities of Sicily, Palermo stands out with an average per capita income of €22,103, followed by Messina (€22,022), Agrigento (€21,287), Syracuse (€21,123), Catania (€21,091), Enna (€20,888). euros), Caltanissetta (20,012 euros), Trapani (19,348 euros) and finally Ragusa (19,225 euros).

These data highlight the significant disparity in income between the various municipalities of Sicily, with Paterno placing well below the regional and national average.

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