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730: You can also deduct medical expenses for non-dependent family members, and many don't know this

730: You can also deduct medical expenses for non-dependent family members, and many don't know this

In the 730, it is possible to deduct personal medical expenses, those of the dependent family unit and non-dependent family members but not everyone knows that.

Enter all on your tax return Medical expenses Allows you to get excellent payback. An easy requirement financially and sometimes not fully exploited because there is a lot of confusion about what is legitimate and what is not to consider.

In general, all personal expenses and dependent family expenses related to the purchase of goods should be included Medications, specialist medical visits, tests and specialist healthcare staff. There are small differences to consider depending on your situation, for example, those with a recognized disability have the opportunity to include a greater number of factors in the policy because different economic protections apply.

730, Medical Expenses for a Non-Dependent Family: How It Works

Thus medications, visits and medical expenses can generally be included in the 730 as long as they are documented, with a bill or receipt and therefore deductible. The procedure stipulates payment of 19% of the amount spent, which is obtained once the limit of 129.11 euros, defined as the deductible amount, is exceeded. Therefore, everything exceeding this number is calculated at 19% and then combined with all other rewards and benefits derived from the tax return and paid to the citizen based on the result.

How to get compensation for family members' medical expenses (

So there may be cases in which the IRPEF is deducted and the result is zero, so you pay and get nothing, cases in which you get a deduction on taxes and others in which you are on credit and therefore receive from INPS a direct economic benefit. Delivery is via Withholding tax usually starts from July After submitting the application.

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The citizen must enter all expenditure items, and therefore those that pertain to him and the family unit he supports, and therefore the spouse and children. However, they also have the possibility to enter expenses incurred by someone who is not their responsibility Which, however, is already taken care of. However, in this case, it is necessary that it be entered by only one family member so that it remains valid only once.

Even in this case it is necessary You have all the relevant documents For any future checks and remember to enter the expenses manually, since there is no direct tax code, it will not be present in the case of pre-filled checks.