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The majority of Italian families struggle to make ends meet

The majority of Italian families struggle to make ends meet

Italian families are suffering, and Eurostat figures are a new warning that economic conditions in the country may be worse than they appear. According to the European Union Statistical Office, Italy the only Among the large European countries (France, Germany and Spain) the proportion of households reporting at least some difficulties in making ends meet in 2022 is more than 63%. The Eurostat survey takes into account data at the end of 2022 and therefore does not yet take into account the situation in 2023, with new interest rate increases and deteriorating economic growth conditions.

Eurostat data on households: map

“The breakdown by country – which Eurostat highlights – shows how the percentage of households declaring at least some difficulty in making ends meet varies from less than a quarter in Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Finland and Luxembourg to 80.3 per cent in Bulgaria and Germany. 89.6 % in Greece, Italy falls into this category – or at least 63% of the total – ahead of France, Poland, Spain and Portugal, while the European average is 45.5%.

Families will not be able to reach the end of the month: Eurostat map lets Italy down

The data, as Eurostat explains in its analysis, show six levels of ability to make ends meet (from “very easily” to “with great difficulty”). At the European level, the report shows that between 2021 and 2022, the proportion of households able to make ends meet fell very easily, rising from 27.3 to 24.1 per cent, while at the other end of the spectrum, the proportion of households in difficult circumstances fell. The difficulty of making ends meet decreased slightly, from 7 to 6.8 percent.

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Between these two extremes, the percentage of families who were able to reach the end of the month quite easily increased from 29.6 to 30.3 percent, while at the same time the percentage of families who declared that they faced some difficulties and difficulties in the family in general and the percentage of budget management increased from 36 to 38.7 percent. .

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