Thursday, July 25, 2024

“We also strike against the Maloney government: it suppresses activists and is complicit in the climate crisis”


By Federica Capitani and Giulia Taddei

Climate Justice Movement Fridays for the Future Back to square oneMore than five years after its birth.

After the Global Day of Mobilization on September 15, Fridays saw engagement for the future with collective art performances in several Italian cities, today October 6. Climate strike In more than 35 Italian cities. Environmentalists and civil society have decided to take to the streets and criticize‘Active of the current government in implementing climate mitigation policies.

Today’s strike is the first climate strike since then flood After last May and a summer in Romagna Climate seriousIt split Italy in two with storms, hurricanes and hail in the north and fires and record temperatures in the south. The biggest Damage. Indeed, Italy is a climate hotspot, i.e. one of the geographical areas most affected by the direct and indirect effects of the climate crisis. This has effects on the balance of ecosystems and leads to depletion of resources that serve the local community.

Chosen Slogan, “Anti-Climate”, takes on many meanings. The call to protest is obvious Partisan Italian, participated by diverse forces, with different political orientations and ideological approaches, but united by a common cause of struggle and the hope of creating a better world. Climate resistance is growing resistance Refusal It went viral on television and social media Wrong information And citizens do not realize the severity of the consequences of the climate crisis. It is an active, emotional, physical resistance based on scientific knowledge that we are committed to spreading from 2019. We resist the latest wave of Unfair criminalization Towards environmental movements aimed at avoiding genuine action against the climate crisis by minimizing dissent. As happened to the activist at the Mantua Literary Festival, not only media-related criminalization has led to tougher police interventions. Sophia BasottoHe was arrested by Digos only for displaying two protest posters.

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Anti-climaticism is dissent and criticism of choices and Not exams Starting with cuts in funding earmarked for the government’s, Pnrr’s environmental policies. The government has chosen to cut 6 billion euros Investments aimed at mitigating the direct and indirect damage of the climate crisis, aimed at interventions for resilience, the value of the territory and the energy efficiency of municipalities.

And Italy continues to invest Fuels FossilsAlthough they are known to represent the main cause of rising temperatures, according to the International Energy Agency, it is necessary to immediately abandon any new investments in coal, oil and gas to honor the agreements. In reductions Climate-changing gases By 2030

Facing all this, the youth are the most vulnerable Environmental concernIt causes discouragement, frustration, Impotence. We respond proactively, with a desire to be physical, together, angry and active at the same time. This brings us back to the Italian squares this Friday. Taking to the streets today means taking the right side of history, with the only possible response to this crisis: Joint action. Awareness of the need to change our social structure, away from an economic paradigm based solely on profit, and focus on a world of care.

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