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Cosenza – Bari 2-1: Live news live

Cosenza – Bari 2-1: Live news live

  • Where the match will be held:

    Stadium: San Vito Gigi Marola
    City: Cosenza
    Capacity: 24,209 spectators11:39

    San Vito Gigi MarolaFonti: Getty Images
  • Welcome to the live broadcast of the match between Cosenza and Bari, in the 35th round of the Second Division. 11:39

  • The San Vito “Gigi Marola” match brings together two teams competing not to be relegated: the hosts have 39 points, three points ahead of the visitors, who are currently in the playoffs. 11:42

  • The meeting is moderated by Mr. Luca Zoverelli from the Udine Department, assisted by assistants Pasquale Capaldo from Naples and Marco Trincheri from Milan. The fourth referee, Dario Madonia, from the Palermo division. In VAR Daniele Paterna from Teramo, AVAR Giacomo Paganesi from Bergamo.11:43

  • In the last round, Calabria achieved a resounding individual victory in Reggio Emilia while Puglianese drew against Pisa within friendly walls. 11:48

  • Cosenza training (3-5-2): Mikay – Merone, Camporesi, Venturi – Maras, Zoccon, Kalou, Antonucci, Dorazio – Mazzucci, Totino. Available: Lay, Marson, Fontanarosa, Forti, Cimino, Gyamfi, Crespi, Viviani, Canuto, Florenzi, Frabotta. 15:59

  • Bari training (4-2-3-1): Pisardo – Buscino, Di Cesare, Vicari, Ricci – Maita, Biennale – Calon, Cibelli, Aramo – Nasti. Available: Perino, Mattino, Ashik, Bellomo, Lulek, Gebre, Zuzic, Edjuma, Zanaboni, Acampora, Moracioli, Dorval. 16:02

  • Vialli is without the suspended Brazilian and Foca. In midfield, Kalou is in the control room, confirming the attack for the Mazzucchi-Totino duo. Giampaolo loses Puskas (hand surgery) in the attacking area, where the former Nasti will operate supported by a group of attacking midfielders Kalon-Sibilli-Aramu; Pizardo was preferred over Perino in goalkeeping. 16:03

  • The first leg, which was held on December 23, ended in a goalless draw. 12:00

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  • The warm-up is over, and the race will start in a few minutes. 16:04

  • The teams are on the field under Zoverelli's orders: the hosts wear red and blue shirts, the guests wear white kits with red vertical stripes. 16:16

  • 1'

    The beginning of Cosenza-Barre! The first ball Benali played. 16:19

  • 1'

    Pizardo risks pressing Totino but manages to get the ball back. 16:20

  • 2'

    Maras expects Ritchie and is fouled at the top of the pitch. 16:21

  • 3'

    Kalo! Direct free kick on goal, the visiting goalkeeper is forced to convert it into a corner kick. 16:22

  • 5'

    Goal! Cosenza – Bari 1-0 Mazzocchi Net. The home team takes the lead: a Kalou free kick and an assist from Dorazio for Mazzucci's winning touch.

    Check out Simone Mazzocchi's player profile16:28

  • 5'

    Statistical pill: Fourth goal of the tournament for the 30th Rossoblu. 16:28

  • 7'

    Maras makes a mistake and loses the ball, and Cepelli crosses to the far post, where Kallon takes control and feeds the attack. 16:26

  • 8'

    As the action continues, a bullet is fired from Barry's flag. 16:27

  • 9'

    Play was stopped due to a VAR check for a possible handball in the Cosenza area: all was well. 16:29

  • 11'

    The first goal was right-handed by Totino, a very high shot. 16:29

  • 13'

    A cross from Dorazio in the middle of the area, Mazzucci heads it over, but it does not have the best effect and the ball passes near the far post. 16:32

  • 14'

    Kalou tries from outside the area and shoots the ball wide of the goal 16:33

  • 15'
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    Cosenza is forced to introduce Zucun, who passes a cross, and Bossino resorts to a corner kick. 16:34

  • 17'

    Goal! Cosenza – Bari 2-0. Totino Network. The home team doubles: Totino moves Maras, who closes the triangle for the striker's winning left-foot shot.

    Take a look at Gennaro Tutino's player profile16:37

  • 17'

    Statistical pill: The 16th goal of the tournament for the Rossoblu striker.16:37

  • 19'

    The visitors try to respond with Kallon doubling his goals. 16:38

  • 21'

    Cosenza is still dangerous! An imitation work for the second goal, an assist from Maras and a right-footed shot from Totino, which was blocked by Pisardo in two stages. 16:39

  • 21'

    Targeted shot by the home team's attackers, Totino's right-footed shot into the corner. 16:40

  • 22'

    Cibelli detention against Totino and a verbal warning from the match director. 16:41

  • 23'

    Merone's header goes over the crossbar. 16:42

  • 25'

    A complicated cross from Kallon to Nasty, who cannot reach the ball. 16:43

  • 27'

    Barry is in attack, with a header from Aramu wide, then Kallon returns it to Nasty, closing down the home defence. 16:46

  • 29'

    Kallon concentrates and fires a shot with his left foot: it is deflected for a corner kick. 16:48

  • 30'

    Half an hour of play in Gigi Marola, partial score of 2 to 0. 16:49

  • 31'

    Kalou remains on the ground, and play is stopped due to the arrival of paramedics: the Rossoblu midfielder is able to continue. 16:52

  • 33'

    Free kick for Bari after a foul on Cibelli. 16:52

  • 34'

    Headball from Kalon! Regarding developments, good chance for Kalon who sent it back without watching. 16:55

  • 36'
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    Shot from the Giampaolo team flag. 16:55

  • 37'

    Divination! Shot from an extreme angle, Mikay saves with the help of the outside post: Barry's best chance. 16:56

  • 39'

    Venturi Warning: Foul on Ricci. He was given a booking and will miss the Ascoli match. 16:58

  • 40'

    Buccino penalty! A shot from his right foot was blocked by Mikay for a corner kick. 16:59

  • 41'

    Zucon warned: Step on Vicary. 17:00

  • 43'

    Crossed by Cibelli, Camporesi deflects a corner kick over the crossbar, also risking an own goal. 17:02

  • 44'

    Goal! Cosenza – Bari 2-1! Nasty network. The visitors close the gap: a movement from Cibelli, who did not shoot the ball well, Nasti tracks the ball and scores at the far post.

    Take a look at Marco Nasti's player profile17:05

  • 44'

    Statistical pill: Fifth goal of the season in the previous match.17:06

  • 45'

    Three minutes of stoppage time. 17:04

  • 45'+2'

    Throw-in for Maras. 17:05

  • 45'+3'

    Right hand from Maita, block from Calo that saves Mikay. 17:07

  • 45'+4'

    D'ORAZIO WARNING: Do this on Aramu. 17:08

  • 45'+4'

    The end of the first half! Cosenza – Bari 2-1! Goals by Mazzocchi, Totino and Nasty. 17:09

  • At the end of the first half, Cosenza leads Bari thanks to goals from Mazzucci and Totino: the Rossoblu start first, then the red and white react, reopening the match at the end of the first half with Nasti. 17:10

  • The teams in the locker rooms: Vialli and Giampaolo are studying moves in light of the second half. 17:11