Thursday, July 25, 2024

‘Made in USA’ comes full circle: Cars and batteries are now manufactured on American soil


America has arrived “Closing the Circle” Regarding Production of electric cars and their strategic components, i.e. batteries. We’re talking specifically about Toyota’s future 100% electric models (expected for 2025) to be produced at the new Kentucky plant.

The Japanese company has entered into a strategic partnership with LG Energy Solutions to supply battery packs, and since the South Korean company itself has a manufacturing facility on American soil (in Michigan), There will be Japanese cars “100% Made in the USA”.

The cells that LG will supply to Toyota (from 2025, with the arrival of the first Stars and Stripes model) are pie cells with NCMA chemistry (nickel, cobalt, manganese, aluminum) with a high nickel content. The Japanese brand has very ambitious plans for its electric future, with 3.7 million cars (including Lexus brand models) sold worldwide by 2030.

To honor his end of contract and support Toyota’s goals, LG will invest about $3 billion in its Michigan plant to build new cell and module production lines exclusively for Toyota.

Also, in June the automotive brand provided a press event with a (limited number) tour of its technology center near Mount Fuji. Its strategy is to develop a solid-state battery with a range of 745 miles (~1200km) capable of fully charging in just 10 minutes.

Toyota is made in America

After this announcement, Toyota announced that it will start construction Another manufacturing facility in North America (especially in North Carolina) devoted exclusively to Batteries for electric cars.


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