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Car Safety: Air Recirculation Button Makes You Sick: Alarming New Study |  Don't use it like this anymore

Car Safety: Air Recirculation Button Makes You Sick: Alarming New Study | Don't use it like this anymore

Sick car

A study has revealed that the air recirculation button, if used incorrectly, can make you sick. Never use it this way again.

When we are in the car and respect the rules of the road we think that we are safe from any danger, but that is not the case at all: there is Trivial behaviors can cause us a lot of problems We don't even know that.

I Air recirculation button It is precisely an example of this phenomenon: we often turn it on without knowing that we are exposing ourselves to serious diseases.

But why is there such a dangerous button in the car? This function has its benefit, but it must be used correctly, otherwise there is great danger. Many motorists are And pay the consequences of their recklessness.

It's best to learn more about how to do this Make the most of this button if you want to stay healthy. Sometimes comforts hide great risks.

When to use

It has happened to everyone that they find themselves stopped in traffic and turn on the recycling Avoid breathing exhaust fumes from other cars. In fact, this is very useful in this case, but recycling must be activated very carefully, otherwise you risk contracting diseases. So it is okay to use it, but in moderation.

Many people also use it in situations where they shouldn't, and it's a more common habit than you might think. You certainly do too, even if you think you're right; In reality You've been doing it wrong your whole life If you don't get sick, it's just pure luck. From now on you have to be careful.

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Disease recycle button
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Be careful how you use recycling

Driving completely safely means not only respecting boundaries and paying attention to what is happening around us, but also knowing how to act Use the vehicle's features correctly. Not everyone knows that the air recirculation button can become very dangerous: experts explain that by activating this function, moisture remains inside the car, making the air unhealthy and the passenger compartment an ideal place for bacteria to multiply. Many people turn it on too often, for example to cool the room faster in summer with the air conditioner, but this is a big mistake.

The diseases that can affect us are also serious, so it is better not to run recirculation or to do it as little as possible anyway. It should also be taken into account that if it is very cold outside, recycling will cause the glass to fog up and reduce visibility, which also poses a safety risk on the road. Although it can be helpful in some cases, it should be used with caution. It's always a good idea to open windows, if possible, or turn on the air conditioning.