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Will we send a text message from the moon?  What we know about NASA's new project

Will we send a text message from the moon? What we know about NASA's new project

The ability to communicate on the Moon is key to the Artemis mission, and the network will allow astronauts to control rovers remotely, transmitting real-time data and video back to Earth.

Andrea Centini | Partial lunar eclipse

It may not be strange Send a text message from the moonOr download a video sent from Earth to space. there NASA with Nokia He tries to achieve it 4G network To allow communications on the moon, “it's essential if we really want to do research in space,” he explained to CNN. Walt Englund, deputy associate administrator for programs in NASA's Space Technology Mission Directorate. The network will actually allow astronauts to do that Communicate with each otherTo control rovers remotely, transmitting real-time data and video to Earth.

“The first challenge in a successful network is to haveQualified cellular equipment In a space that meets the appropriate size, weight and power requirements. Not only that, but the network will also have to fight back Temperatures and radiation Located on the surface of the moon.

Why is it so important to communicate on the moon?

For NASA's Artemis program, which wants to return astronauts to the moon, cellular connectivity is essential. Up until now they had always talked on the radioBut the network could support video and data to aid lunar research.

“Being able to communicate on the Moon is crucial to Artemis, as critical as any other element of the mission like water to drink and air to breathe,” Engelund explained. “Ultimately, this effort will help create a lunar communications network that could provide our explorers with the opportunity to reach the Moon Possibility of transferring scientific databut also Talk to their families“It's like they're walking down the street with their cell phones.”

The future of the lunar economy

To achieve this goal, NASA chose to collaborate with different companies. Between these Bell LaboratoriesIt is an R&D center currently owned by Nokia, which received a $14.1 million grant in 2020. In January, it was selected by Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency The American DARPA begins work on the infrastructure for communications services.

“The future lunar economy will rely heavily on communications technologies to collect and analyze data, exchange information, and maintain and control operations,” he said. Thierry Klein, president of Bell Labs Solutions Research. “it is necessary Semi-permanent or permanent human presence on the moonIn addition to automated automated processes of transportation, resource extraction, mineral processing, and scientific data collection.