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Earthquake: Strong shaking felt in Campi Flegre, Naples – News

Earthquake: Strong shaking felt in Campi Flegre, Naples – News

Second night in a row Thousands of people in the Campi Flegrei area They awoke to an earthquake, a seismic swarm characterized by dozens of events each day, some of which are invisible but others cause fear and anxiety.

The earthquake occurred at 5.44 am today It was recorded as 3.9 on the Richter scale It was clearly felt in various neighborhoods of Naples and as far away as Ischia and Procida. A roar, then a long and strong earthquake.

Video The earth shakes and everything in the room 'dances' in campy fleur-de-lis.

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Many took to the streets (“It was violent, we were scared,” residents say). Fortunately, there was no damage in the first and immediate tests. Only a few dents in the Bagoli and a few small cracks in some of the coatings. In short, although the Vesuvian observatory assures citizens that constant surveillance is a guarantee of peace, for many, we live in fear and ignorance of the future.

Today's event is the strongest since September 2023, said volcanologist Mauro Di Vito, director of the Vesuvian Observatory of the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology. We can't rule out the possibility of other earthquakes.” They say from Bagoli Municipality that this is the highest magnitude earthquake recorded at sea in the last 40 years. There have been fifty earthquakes in a row since last night (after 5.44am, a strong one of magnitude 2 at 8am). ), the same as the other night's most significant earthquake at 3 a.m. 47 with a magnitude of 2.4.

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Last April 14 was another tough day for the residents of the area with an earthquake swarm characterized by 70 earthquakes and a 3.7 magnitude earthquake. Flagraean mayors immediately intervened on social media to reassure people. Gigi Manzoni, mayor of Pozzuoli, admits that “this morning the shock was strong; as happens in these cases we immediately took action with the civil defense volunteers and the municipal police”.

The mayor of Bagoli is José Gerardo della RagioneUnderscoring that today's “rebound from the seismic event has been one of the strongest. I am aware of the concerns, but I am asking for calm.”

He also left his personal number to get any report. “We live in campy fleur-de-lis and have to learn to live with it.” However, in Bagoli, control of all public schools in the city was ordered. In Procida, the seismic event associated with Procidism was felt by many people, so that Mayor Dino Ambrosino, after a few hours, wanted to reassure his fellow citizens through personal and municipal social channels: “Today at 5.45 am we felt it all over. The earthquake shook Procida, lasting a few seconds, this There were no reports of damage on the island at the time,” a message from the Mayor of Procida. In Ischia, the effects of the 5.45 a.m. shock were minimal, although there was no shortage of reports from those who felt it, particularly in the northern part of the island. On April 22, the first drill took place with evacuation drills carried out in some schools.

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