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Joe Biden: Republican Roy Blunt suggests a compromise on the infrastructure plan

Slightly harmonious tones in the controversy over US infrastructure: President has a compromise proposal from Republican factions in Congress Joe Biden tr 2 trillion project announced. He said several times at the White House, “If you almost focus on infrastructure with this package you can have an easy two-party victory here,” senior Republican Senator Roy Blunt told ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday.

So far, Blunt has criticized the package for providing more cost for electric vehicles than upgrading traditional infrastructure. “When people think of infrastructure, they think of roads, bridges, ports and airports.” He called on Pitana to avoid the large expenditures planned to create jobs and combat the climate crisis. The government can then implement these features of the package.

With his proposal for a measured package, Blood received a different tone than the Republican minority leader in the Senate. Mitch McConnellHe recently announced his strong opposition to Biden’s plan. He will fight the plan at every stage because McConnell said last Thursday that the plan was “the wrong recipe for the United States.”

Through this project, Biden wants to fundamentally modernize his country’s infrastructure and stimulate economic growth. Should be funded by raising the corporate tax rate from 21 to 28 percent. The plan was heavily criticized by opposition Republicans and business lobbyists, especially due to this planned tax increase. So tough discussions on this project are expected in Congress.

Biden stressed that the plan would create “millions of well-paying jobs.” The United States “can not hesitate another minute” to rebuild American infrastructure. “It will create the strongest, strongest, most innovative economy in the world,” Biden promised when compared to “space racing” when launched in Pittsburgh on Wednesday. In 50 years, people will look back and wonder: »That moment it was United States The future won. “

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